Life, a dream – A Poem on Life

Exploring the mountainsTraversing the wide oceansFrom kingdom to kingdom, you dine and intertwine with kings and queensHaving the best adventures molded in your dreamsEach escapade feeding your hunger for moreNow more dangerous and daringInventing technology, to forget you were dreamingDay and night shortened, moving fast in timeHiding levels within dreams, lost convinced this to be… Continue reading Life, a dream – A Poem on Life



"When life throws at you lemons, make lemonade." Sometimes life is hard. You do your best, making realistic plans, taking action steps, and being consistent. These among many other steps, but somehow you keep straining. Your intended goals disappearing further from the vicinity. Feelings of giving up creep in, like thieves in the night. Tempted… Continue reading Lemons


States – A Poem on States of Mind

We live in a world of states, flowing through time.Continuous, the states unfold in time.They determine our realities,Each offering different perspectives. Imagine time as a horizontal line,Flowing, and the states as a vertical line.The infinite states intersecting in timeWe move through time, cutting it at different level states. The states limit or enable us.Deeper than… Continue reading States – A Poem on States of Mind


Numb – Poem

Scattered thoughtsA storm within destroying the peace that wasFear creeps in,Steered by persistent thoughts that continue to haunt. NumbEmotional distraught, worse than most painsFeelings of disappointmentWith hints of regret Soon there's stillnessObserving of the myriads of happeningsThe numbness spreads from dwindling will to non-action,Shreds of hope fade Often, we get drained emotionally. The beautiful life… Continue reading Numb – Poem


Kintsugi – A Poem on Golden Repair

Photo credit   Things break, it is their natureWe then throw them away it is our natureLabeling them as bad rejectsThe unlucky get discarded, sadBroken, they think themselves worthless. If they knew of the old Japanese tradition of repairing broken pottery, they call it kintsugi.Mending the break with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, some silver, and platinumA… Continue reading Kintsugi – A Poem on Golden Repair



The stars looked in awe, millions of light-years away gazing at a blue piece of rock in the Orion. Hidden among thousands of comets, asteroids and dwarf planets that make the milky way. Admiring the humans as they loved, adventured, evolved, got lost then found their way back to love Between the mangled mess of… Continue reading Unbounded