Bitcoin Mixer Review: Mixer.Money

A bitcoin mixer is a service that helps users get untainted bitcoins. With increasing cryptocurrency regulation and active cryptocurrency tracking, mixers have become one of the most reliable ways to protect cryptocurrency funds from being frozen by exchanges. The reasons for such a problem are many and range from a large number of transactions to receiving coins from a sanctioned or suspicious wallet.

Mixer.Money offers pure coins with a particularly high level of anonymity provided by the ‘full anonymity’ mode. Users buy untainted coins from trusted sources in complete privacy.

How the service works

The bitcoin mixer is based on the bitcoin.mixer 2.0 algorithm, which guarantees multi-level mixing. Customers deposit their coins and buy other coins. Transaction history cannot be analyzed by most tracing algorithms (including cluster, spot, and quantile analysis). This helps improve anonymity and ensure untainted coins.

Mixer is easy to use:

  1. Choose a blending mode.
  2. Enter payment addresses. These remain active for 7 days, which is handy when dealing with exchanges that may delay payment.
  3. Download the guarantee letter.
  4. Enter the address generated by the mixer and the number of coins to mix in the wallet.
  5. Click the “Send” button.

After a few hours, new coins will be posted to the specified addresses. There are some useful tips in the instructions that we recommend reading before using the mixer for the first time. There is also a free trial with no mixing fees. You can deposit 0.001 BTC, pay only transaction fee and get pure coins. This way, you will be sure that the service is providing unblemished coins.

It is important that the service does not store any customer data or assign an identifier to requests. Everything is done through the PGP system. TOR mirror disabled JavaScript to improve anonymity.

Mixer. Money modes

Mixer.Money offers two main mixing modes, as well as an “exact amount” function to send an exact amount to the counterparty in pure bitcoins.

“Mixer” mode

This is a simple mode with fast mixing and low fees. The client deposits bitcoins as described above, the coins are anonymized and sent to the exchange. The client then buys already clean coins from other clients using “complete anonymity”.


  1. High speed.
  2. Low fees.


  1. Medium mixing level.
  2. Risks of withdrawing your coins during the same day when using “full anonymity” mode.
  3. Sensitivity to cluster analysis.

This mode mimics traditional cryptocurrency cups that shuffle coins and randomly distribute them among users. The only difference is that you buy the bitcoins from another mixer, which means there is no risk of getting your coins back (unless you use another mode as mentioned above).

‘Complete anonymity’ mode

This mode is designed for thorough bitcoin mixing. After the coins are pre-placed in the mixer, they are transferred either to the ‘Mixer’ mode or to our investors on the crypto exchange. Amounts are generated randomly, which makes it almost impossible to track their record.

We use funds provided by trusted investors who trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. In fact, the “full anonymity” mode provides bitcoins that are already verified by exchanges. Investors who buy your coins and give you pure coins are different people. Algorithms are constantly splitting, crashing, and sending bitcoins to different addresses. The time delay is also determined by the algorithm to mix bitcoin transactions for quantitative analysis. Cross wallets are matched in such a way that the exact amount is returned unchanged, thus hiding the transactions.


  1. High mixing level.
  2. Protection from cluster analysis, quantitative analysis, etc.
  3. Complete user and transaction anonymity.


  1. Higher fees.
  2. Long mixing time (up to 6 hours).

The distribution of funds between the specified wallets is determined by the mixer based on mathematical algorithms. This is not always convenient, but it reliably protects transactions from cluster analysis because there is no change in each intermediary transaction.

“Exact amount” mode

“Exact amount” mode helps you arrange payments with your partners by sending the exact amount. This mode uses coins from ‘full anonymity’ mode. You are guaranteed to send untainted bitcoins which improves your reputation when dealing with counterparties.

Mode comparison

The characteristics of the different modes are shown in the table below.

Additional Mixer.Money features

The service can be used on the website, through a TOR mirror or Telegram bot @mm5btc_bot.

TOR: mixermikevpntu2o.onion
TOR v3: mixermo4pgkgep3k3qr4fz7dhijavxnh6lwgu7gf5qeltpy4unjed2yd.onion

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