Bitcoin’s Energy Revolution Is Happening Now – Bitcoin Magazine

This is an opinion editorial Kent Halliburton, President and CEO of Sazmining.

While the goal of the Bitcoin white paper was to start a financial revolution by introducing the first effective peer-to-peer electronic money system, we are now seeing the beginning of Bitcoin’s second revolution: Energy.

Bitcoin miners serve as energy consumers of last resort, can operate from anywhere, and can be switched on and off with almost infinite flexibility. Thus, bitcoin mining can provide viable renewable and remote energy sources that are otherwise harmful. In addition, miners can drastically limit humanity’s emissions problem by turning waste energy into digital gold. Interestingly, these improvements in our relationship with energy are happening even before bitcoin becomes the next global reserve asset. Could Satoshi Nakamoto’s unheralded energy revolution precede the first revolution of a peer-to-peer monetary system? While we can’t say for sure, the data suggests this may be the case.

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