Brian Walshe’s disturbing search history has emerged

The husband of a missing Massachusetts realtor is said to have searched the Internet for “how to dispose of the body of a 115-pound woman” in the days she went missing, according to CNN.

Convicted fraudster Brian Walshe, 46, has been behaving strangely for days after his wife, Ana, 39, claimed she went missing on January 1 after taking a car service to Boston’s Logan International Airport.

He left home without a cell phone, got lost on a trip to his mother’s house, and forgot to report to police that he went to Home Depot, where he bought $450 worth of cleaning supplies.

Law enforcement sources said Brian was also looking into how the body would be dismembered, according to CNN, prompting investigators to shift from a missing person’s case to the suspected murder of mother-of-three Ana.

In reports to publicize her disappearance, Ana, originally from Serbia, is 5′ 2″, weighs about 115 lbs and speaks with an Eastern-European accent.

Her husband’s gruesome search story comes as prosecutors said in court Monday that investigators found blood in Walsh’s basement while searching the home.

Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland told the judge: “Criminal Services found blood in the basement… A knife was also found there. There was blood on the knife.”

Brian Walsh, the husband of missing Massachusetts woman Ana Walsh, searched for “how to dispose of a 115-pound woman’s body” a few days before she went missing.
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Walshe is currently on bail accused of misleading a police investigation after lying about Ana’s actions when she went missing. He was not charged with being behind his wife’s disappearance.

Walsh, who has three children between the ages of two and six, told investigators that he only left the house on January 2 when he took his eldest son to buy ice cream.

However, police found video footage of him walking into a Home Depot store in a mask and gloves to buy a tarpaulin, mop, tape, bucket and other cleaning supplies, Beland said.

State police Crime Lab investigators outside the Walsh's Cohasset home.
State police Crime Lab investigators outside the Walsh’s Cohasset home.
Josh Reynolds for The New York Post

“He is not accused of murder. He is accused of misleading investigators by not telling them he went to a Home Depot,” Walshe’s attorney, Tracy Miner, said Monday when he pleaded not guilty to the charge. He was held on $500,000 bail.

Miner also noted that Walsh raised the alarm with Ana’s co-workers and reported the two missing to police on the same day, Jan. 4.

Ride share services said they had no record of anyone being picked up from the Walshe residence on Jan. 1. According to local reports, Ana was said to have taken her phone with her, but the phone still rang her home address over the next two days. .

Walshe failed to tell police about her last trip to Home Depot to buy cleaning supplies.
Walshe failed to tell police about her last trip to Home Depot to buy cleaning supplies.
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A two-day search involving their home in Cohasset, 20 miles southeast of Boston, involved 20 state troopers, three K-9 teams, a search and rescue team and support from State Police helicopters and divers.

Walshe is under separate house arrest on wire fraud charges stemming from 2018, when he sold two fake Andy Warhol paintings on eBay for $80,000, to which he pleaded guilty in 2021.

In a sentencing document filed last summer, Walsh’s attorneys said Ana had been the “sole caregiver” of the couple’s three sons since Walsh began working in Washington.

Walsh is currently out on bail on charges of obstructing a police investigation.
Walsh is currently out on bail on charges of obstructing a police investigation.

“This position, which comes with a large salary increase and excellent health benefits for his family, requires him to work most of his time in Washington,” they said, adding that the family has sold and purchased their home in Massachusetts. one in the capital.

“Due to his current legal situation … Brian couldn’t move with him.” adds a document. “Brian and his three sons have moved into a house rented by his mother in Cohasset, and she is now the sole caretaker of her sons during the week.”

Before marrying Walsh in 2016, Ana lived in DC where she worked in hospitality, including the Willard InterContinental hotel.

Former colleague Coffield Williams told The Post: “I’m heartbroken as more information comes out, and it’s really devastating to even think about the thought that he’s no longer with us. I worked with him during my time at Willard and we became best friends there.

“He left in February 2015. I don’t know much about it [Brian] and she didn’t talk much about him and what he did, but I knew she loved him when she left Willard and moved to Boston to start her life with him.’

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