BTC volatility is coming this week

Investing is the practice of acquiring an asset with the hope of making a profit through later resale. Unfortunately, price of cryptocurrency and other digital assets are highly volatile.

When Bitcoin first became available to the general public in 2009, a token cost just a few cents. However, since then there has been a dramatic jump in price, often hundreds of dollars in a matter of days.

These changes in value can be very profitable for investors. However, they carry the risk of significant losses, especially for novice traders who may struggle to keep up with the rapid ups and downs of the market.

This article will discuss the meaning of volatility in the cryptocurrency industry, the reasons for the volatility of bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies. IMPT, D2T, TAROT, RIA, TAMA and the top five strategies to take advantage of these factors.

What does volatility mean?

Word “variability” refers to the rapid price changes that can occur in the value of any investment (not just cryptocurrency).

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