Patreon Begins To Purge Fan Art Of Characters Below A Certain Height And Bust Size

In the latest escalation of the platform’s continued authoritarian attempts to wrestle freedom of expression away from the hands of its creators, Patreon has reportedly taken steps to ban artwork featuring characters below a certain height and/or bust size. Source: Dead or Alive 5 (2012), Koei Tecmo Related: The House In Fata Morgana Author Pushes … Read more

‘Whatever Makes You Happy Is Worth Pursuing’: Pogues Frontman Shane MacGowan on Finally Showing His Private Illustrations

One morning in London in the early ’90s, Shane MacGowan was unconsciously perched on a chair in the flat he shared with his then-girlfriend and now-wife, Victoria Mary Clarke. The fabled Irish singer had just been sacked from the Pogues and had recently formed a new band called Shane MacGowan and the Popes. “I was … Read more

York art exhibition by Tim Burns taken down after Indigenous appropriation claims

Just outside the Wheatbelt town of York lies the Cave Hill Farm — a site sacred to the Indigenous Ballardong people. Key points: WA Art display taken down after claims of Indigenous appropriation of sacred site Artist says he followed protocols and received permission from official custodians. Issue has sparked debate about how appropriation claims … Read more

What Does It Mean for Galleries to Support Queer Artists Today?

art market Josie Thaddeus-Johns Cajsa von Zeipel, Post Me, Post You2022. Courtesy of the artist and Company Gallery. Detail of Cajsa von Zeipel, Post Me, Post You2022. Courtesy of the artist and Company Gallery. Add artwork subtly hints at its queer undertones. That’s not the case in Cajsa von Zeipel’s Post Me, Post You (2022), … Read more

The Ugly Truth About Iconic Places in Landscape Photography

There is nothing better than being out in nature, inhaling all the mood out there, deciding on the best possible camera position, and enjoying landscape photography. But what if there are 25 other photographers beside you so that it becomes difficult to move just 20 inches to the left or right without disturbing another photographer?In … Read more

3 profiles of graduates producing work that’s personal and profound

Human beings’ primal need for connection, the effects of breast loss on one’s sense of womanhood, and the omnipresence of biometrics in our modern lives. These are just some of the explored themes by this year’s cohort of MTU Crawford College of Art and Design graduates. Margaret Varian: Breast loss and femininity Margaret Varian’s work … Read more

The best neighborhoods in Birmingham

With the bulbous Bullring shopping center and the cylindrical Rotunda forming one of the UK’s more curious skylines, Birmingham’s city center is certainly unique on first impressions. And now with modern trams gliding by gleaming new squares, the city has gone through profound and positive change in recent years. However, it’s in Birmingham’s neighborhoods where … Read more