New Revelations of Support for Anti-Israel BDS Campaign Pile Pressure on Beleaguered German Art Festival

A banner at the Documenta art festival in Kassel, Germany, by the Indonesian artist collective Taring Padi is covered up on June 20, 2022. Photo: IMAGO/Hartenfelser via Reuters Connect Germany’s flagship Documenta festival of contemporary art is facing the removal of its federal government funding the fresh allegations of antisemitism among its curators and exhibiting … Read more

How and Why Galleries Are Getting Hacked

art market Josie Thaddeus-Johns In January 2020, the museum Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede, the Netherlands, was on the verge of purchasing an 1824 John Constable painting from London dealer Simon Dickinson. In the middle of the negotiations, however, something went wrong: Hackers managed to convince the museum to send the money to a different bank … Read more

I asked an AI art generator to draw Catholicism in 20 different ways. Here’s what I learned.

Artificial intelligence has been getting scarily good lately, and people are starting to notice. The internet has been ablaze over the last few months with surprisingly good artwork and images generated by artificial intelligence. The technology has come a long way, and a recent crop of websites have emerged that purport to create AI-generated images … Read more

‘The Art of Banksy’ exhibition comes to Washington

Comment on this story comment One of the simple forms of graffiti is “tagging” — writing a name or nickname on a wall, train car or other publicly visible surface. For the British street artist and cultural prankster known only as Banksy, tagging expanded to a form of branding. His trademark images of him become … Read more

Nils-Udo and Ruinart’s ode to biodiversity in rural Reims

Nils-Udo and Ruinart’s ode to biodiversity in rural Reims For the latest project in Ruinart’s 300th-anniversary countdown, land art pioneer Nils-Udo has unveiled HABITATSa trio of ephemeral, organic nests that dapple the champagne maison’s Reims vineyards ‘I was immediately inspired,’ says German artist and land art pioneer Nils-Udo at the unveiling of his monumental new … Read more

Meet Yuta Niwa, Japanese Painter Mixing Traditional and Contemporary Art –

Painter Yuta Niwa, like many young Japanese artists, incorporates traditional painting techniques and materials into his work, such as Japanese traditional paper, ink, pigments, and Nikawa glue. Niwa deals with disasters such as earthquakes and infectious diseases using giant salamanders and catfishes as motifs. In his graduate thesis project, he depicted the devastation of four … Read more

Is This Real Landscape Photography?

When does landscape photography become digital art? In this article, I address the longstanding debate in the community about purism versus artistic expression while showing you my own image from start to finish. Many people have a line that once you manipulate an image to a certain degree, it becomes digital art or many years … Read more