RuPaul Children’s Book Pulled from Colchester Connecticut Library After Parent Complaint

A children’s biography of drag queen extraordinaire RuPaul has been temporarily pulled from the shelves of a Connecticut library after a single parent complained about its “sexually provocative drawings”—a decision that was met with a torrent of backlash. “The book contains sexually provocative drawings in which the parent found offensive. The book in question was … Read more

Here’s What Happens in the “Where the Crawdads Sing” Book

tmp_OG9vO6_57762ee6923deac0_81trOdoqFVL.jpg Image Source: When the book “Where the Crawdads Sing” came out, it seemed like it was on everybody’s bookshelf or reading list. That popularity paired with its status in Reese Witherspoon’s book club make it no surprise that the film adaptation hits theaters on July 13. With an original song by Taylor Swift … Read more

Challenger: I’m not trying to ban books but these are not appropriate; review will extend into next school year | education

Three people spoke about the 24 book challenges facing Catawba County Schools during a school board meeting on Monday. The review of the books will not be completed until the new school year, after the summer break. The books were challenged in March. The policy says the school system has 15 school days to review … Read more

List of the Inspector Morse Books in Order with Expert Commentary

The cerebral TV detective Endeavor Morse first materialized in the bestselling crime novels by Colin Dexter. Morse was a fascinating new sort of cop, a sensitive soul in love with opera and poetry, not stereotypically weary and hard drinking. Inspector Morse proceeded to hook US television audiences from 1988–2001, generated the sequel Inspector Lewis (2006–2016), … Read more

10 Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Changed Comic Books

Spider-Man has been Marvel’s flagship character for decades now. His main title The Amazing Spider-Man has defined the character for sixty years. Spider-Man has had a raft of ongoings over the years, but ASM has always been the main home for the character, the one book that every Spider-fan always picks up. RELATED: 10 Best … Read more

9 Movies Based on LGBTQ+ Books, Ranked

The book-to-movie adaptation genre of movies is a favorite among film lovers as well as readers. When books come out, they establish a dedicated fanbase and the personification of the story/series can be both hit or miss. With the need to please fans of the book, creating movies that tell stories we already know and … Read more

The 9 New Books You Should Read in July 2022

ANDxactly what a beach read has inspired much debate—but perhaps the answer is no more complicated than whether a book is easy to get lost in. Under that definition, the best new books coming in July are ideal for the beach (or the couch, the airplane, or the hammock). Isabel Kaplan’s novel NSFWfor example, is … Read more