Jackie Chan’s Book Makes His Most Dangerous Stunts Even Cooler

Jackie Chan’s autobiography shines some light on his most dangerous stunts. The book reveals what makes the martial arts sequences cooler than ever. Jackie Chan‘s book successfully makes his most dangerous stunts seem even cooler. I Am Jackie Chan proves that there is something behind Jackie’s life-threatening stunts that he does not show. Jackie Chan’s … Read more

Paul Ginsborg obituary | history books

Paul Ginsborg’s book A History of Contemporary Italy: Society and Politics 1943-88 begins: “Italy in 1943 was little changed, outside of its major cities, since the time of Garibaldi and Cavour. It was still predominantly a peasant country, of great and unspoiled natural beauty, of sleepy provincial cities, of enduring poverty, especially in the South, … Read more

15 of the Best Mystery Romance Books

This content contains affiliate links. When you buy through these links, we may earn an affiliate commission. Mystery and romance are two genres that, in my opinion, pair perfectly together. Often when I’m looking for a novel in one of these genres, I look for mystery novel books that have elements of the other. To … Read more

Book celebrates the 50th anniversary of musical ‘Grease’ | books

MARK KENNEDY Associated Press NEW YORK — On Valentine’s Day 1972, an opened off-Broadway musical needing a lot of love. It was already $20,000 in debt, and the reviews were mixed to poor. A decision had to be made: Keep going or give it the kiss off? The choice to continue was a risky but … Read more