This Year, You Should Flambé Your American Flag Cake

Every year around mid-June my inbox is flooded with press releases for flag cake recipes, all of which boast new and exciting takes on the patriotic dessert. Usually I ignore them, because flag cakes have been done to death, but America has really outdone herself this yearand she deserves a cake—an unprecedented cake, a flag … Read more

Loud music and take-out alcohol. Here are all the new Florida laws going into effect Friday

Starting July 1, the Sunshine State will have new laws that could affect a host of different issues — from what Floridians learn in school to how loudly they can play music in their vehicles. published the following list Tuesday. HB 1557 – Parental Rights in Education AKA ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill This law … Read more

No One Told Me Mac Salad Could Be This Good

The water was green-blue off He’eia Kea Pier, that shade of blue with light sinking through it. I grew up on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, but this was somewhere I’d never been, although it was only a 40-minute drive from my mother’s house. There’s a joke that you can spend your life here and … Read more

Eater’s Guide to Fried Chicken in America

What does it take for a dish or a food to be considered American? Is there something inherent in the seasonings, the ingredients, or the presentation that makes it ours? Or is it just something most everyone’s tried, or at least would recognize on a glowing fast-food menu? National dishes are particularly tricky in this … Read more

5 of the Most Nutrient-Dense Foods You Can Eat

In 2017, Molly Bremer, MS, RD, an anti-diet dietitian with Mind Body Health in Washington, DC and Northern Virginia embarked on a cross-country bike trip with the non-profit Bike & Build. “While on the road, we ate the most-bang-for-your-buck foods to save money and space in our support van,” she says. What are those most-bang-for-your-buck … Read more

Uganda: Youth Food Advocates gather to discuss how to improve and transform the Food Systems in their communities

When young food activists with diverse cultural backgrounds gather and get involved in learning experiences, it can become a powerful moment of knowledge exchange. Learning agricultural practices, cultivation, preparation, and appreciation of what is good, clean, and fair allows democratic and ethical change in the food system. The grassroots level is crucial, as the youth … Read more

Popular Bay Area restaurants and bars that closed in June

Throughout the month of June, several Bay Area business owners announced the permanent closure of their cherished restaurants and bars after decades in service. Among the shuttered businesses was Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in Hayward, which closed its doors after nearly four decades. Owner and master brewer Geoff Harries first shared the news of Buffalo Bill’s … Read more

Best bottled barbecue sauce: A taste test of 13 popular brands

Placeholder while article actions load Volumes have been written about barbecue sauce — there are about as many regional styles as there are places that serve smoked meats. Serious ‘cue-heads have their favorites, partisans defend their hometown varieties and competition teams guard the recipes for their elixirs like they were state secrets. And sure, you … Read more