Foods That Adults Have Hated Since Childhood

“I’m a pro cook. I know how to make this ingredient taste great for other people, but I just don’t like it.” Tastes change, and often as we get older we start to enjoy things that we hated during childhood (for example, coffee or green veggies). But sometimes, food aversions can’t simply be grown out … Read more

Why the Russian McDonald’s clone is failing

McDonald’s and his Russian clone However, beer, mold on buns and expired cheese sauce have been spotted in the chain’s restaurants in just three weeks. Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow was crowded in mid-June: with large numbers of people gathering for the opening of the new chain near the building where the first McDonald’s restaurant in … Read more

Everything you need to know, top 9 burgers to eat

CINCINNATI — Nothing beats a good burger and fries, and this week you can enjoy $7 burgers from a variety of restaurants and eateries around the Cincinnati area. Cincinnati Burger Week is taking place July 11 through July 17 and will see each participating restaurant and chef prepare their unique take on the classic hamburger … Read more

New cafe brings Cornish hand pies — an ‘adventure food’ — to Utah

Ken Roderman remembered that there used to be a British pub in Trolley Square that served Cornish pasties — pronounced “pass-tees” — the savory hand-pies that date back to medieval times. “There haven’t been any since,” Roderman said. “So as far as I know, it’s not something you can get in the state of Utah, … Read more