"When life throws at you lemons, make lemonade." Sometimes life is hard. You do your best, making realistic plans, taking action steps, and being consistent. These among many other steps, but somehow you keep straining. Your intended goals disappearing further from the vicinity. Feelings of giving up creep in, like thieves in the night. Tempted… Continue reading Lemons



For many years I had no idea of the power of words. I thought words are just words. Until recently did I learn that words are energy, they are our thoughts, our ideas, given life through emotion or action and whatever we speak especially repeatedly with emotion we become, and the words manifest in our… Continue reading Words


Schools and COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by tobie on Unsplash. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard and all sectors have been affected. The need for preventing spread of the virus has seen social distancing become a compulsory action globally and to this effect, all schools were closed and have been for several months now, with possibilities for further extensions all factors considered.… Continue reading Schools and COVID-19 Pandemic