‘Alex’s War’ Review: A Gripping and Disturbing Look at Alex Jones

At the start of “Alex’s War,” a documentary about Alex Jones, the infamous talk-news conspiracist guru of InfoWars is described by assorted media outlets as “a performance artist,” “paranoia porn,” and — in the words of John Oliver — “the Walter Cronkite of shrieking bat-shit guerrilla clowns.” All of which, of course, is accurate. Yet … Read more

The 15 Best Time Travel Movies of All…Time

Science fiction offers up so many realms to explore. So many ideas. And one of the most probing and prevalent themes, usually always rich with creativity and concern, is time travel. It’s a topic we can only theorize about but it’s one that has ushered in some of the best sci-fi movies of all time. … Read more

7 terrifying horror movies you haven’t seen

Maybe it’s the internet desensitizing us, or maybe it’s the real life horror of living under the Tory and Republican rule. Whatever it is, nothing seems to scare us these days. If you walked in to any horror movie screening in the past five years – bar a few exceptions – chances are you’ve left … Read more

‘Not Okay’ Is a Big Waste of Dylan O’Brien’s Time

One of the many issues with the internet scammer movie Not Okayavailable to stream on Hulu today, occurs before it even starts. There’s a content warning that opens the film, seemingly with the intent of announcing itself as a satire, that lists the following: “flashing lights, themes of trauma and an unlikable female protagonist.” The … Read more

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

Image: Netflix When Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles began airing in 2018longtime shellheads were wary—it was a show that at first largely traded goofy, short-form teen antics for serious stories, a bold design aesthetic, and a radical re-interpretation of the franchise’s usual lore, and it shook up the series in a big way. … Read more

Clusterf*ck: Woodstock ’99 Review: Netflix’s Prescient Doc

Netflix recently released Clusterf*ck: Woodstock ’99, their three-episode documentary series directed by Jamie Crawford exploring the titular music festival. Even though it’s been barely a year since HBO released its own Woodstock ’99 documentary, which you’d think would’ve already scratched this itch, I immediately binged all three episodes of the new version the second they … Read more