Stranger Things 4 needed to dream bigger

In the 90-minute penultimate episode of Stranger Things‘ fourth season, its heroes — mostly teenagers now, after six years of real-world aging since the series premiere — get ready to battle demons. They hammer nails into trash can lids, saw the barrel off a shotgun, and fashion spears out of knives and rods. It’s not … Read more

Media’s credibility crisis doesn’t have quick fix as trust in newspapers, TV news crumbles, experts say

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! The media industry is having a credibility crisis, with confidence in newspapers and TV news cratering, and solution-minded experts don’t see a quick fix after years of disregarding fairness and objectivity. A recently published Gallup poll indicates that “Americans are less confident in major US institutions than … Read more

Anarchy in paradise: how a fringe community descended into darkness | Documentary

The Anarchists, a new six-part documentary series from HBO about a fringe political community in the Mexican resort city of Acapulco, opens with a strange, atmospheric provocation: a book burning on the beach, children tossing law books on the spectacularly orange fire, eagerly shouting: “Fuck the state!” The scene is not about bloodlust so much … Read more

ATSC 3.0: Everything You’ll Need to Receive Free TV

With endless subscription TV services and ever-higher cable/satellite bills, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just watch up-to-4K TV for free? Well… you can! Add TV, anyway. This advancement is called NextGen TV and it’s rolling out nationwide. In fact, it’s already available in most major US cities. many new TVs have compatible tuners … Read more

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ franchise best debut scores

Four movies in, Thor is still bringing the hammer down at the box office. “Thor: Love and Thunder ” earned $143 million in its opening weekend in North America, according to studio estimates Sunday. It’s a franchise best for the God of Thunder and another success story of the summer 2022 box office season. The … Read more

What’s so good about a Superman gone bad?

Consider the following story. An alien child comes to Earth in a rocket ship from a distant planet. Growing to manhood, he soon finds that he possesses powers far beyond those of mortal humans: strength, flight, speed, super senses, and vision that can melt a steel beam. Donning a colorful costume and cape, he becomes … Read more

Bernard Wages His Own Infinity War

photo: John Johnson/HBO Bernard’s back, baby! After leaving him in a motel room in the season three finale, waking up from his VR trip to the Sublimeand waking up absolutely covered in dust, tonight’s episode reveals exactly what happened to everyone’s favorite Host, and it’s quite strange. Doctor Strangeone might say. The Sublime, for those … Read more

Season 4, Episode 3, “Annees Folles”

Jeffrey Wright and Luke Hemsworth in Westworld photo: John Johnson/HBO There are times, I have to admit, when I finish an episode of Westworld, look at my notes right afterward, and realize I maybe lost the plot a bit. Or has the show? Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Which is not to say that episode … Read more

If You Like Any Of These Movies, You Have Bad Taste

If you loved He’s All ThatI would suggest sticking to watching TikToks instead. Sure, everyone has their own opinion on movies. However, let’s not deny just how bad these ones were. 1. cats Cats Movie / Working Title Films / Amblin Entertainment / Perfect World Pictures / Dentsu / Monumental Pictures / The Really Useful … Read more