Stranger Things Season Four: Our Biggest Finale Questions

Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season four. season four of Stranger Things provided some game-changing answers about the overall mythology of the series, but its epic finale — which saw the gang reunited just in time to find the Upside Down making its way into Hawkins via Vecna’s four gates — left a whole … Read more

‘The Boys’ Boss on Maeve’s Not-Quite Sacrifice and Why Homelander Must Die Before the Series Ends

Karl Urban, Cameron Crovetti, and Antony Starr in ‘The Boys’ Season 3 finale Amazon Studios Warning: This story contains spoilers for the Season 3 finale of the boys, titled “The Instant White-Hot Wild” and . Read at your own risk! Another season of Prime Video’s Emmy-nominated drama the boys has involved come to an end … Read more

What to watch on TV, July 10-14: Better Call Saul, WWDITS

Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul; Kayvan Novak in What We Do In The Shadows; Ella Balinska in resident Evilphoto: Greg Lewis/AMC; Russ Martin/FX; Marcos Cruz/Netflix Welcome to What’s On, our weekly picks of must-watch shows. Here’s what you need to watch from Sunday, July 10 to Thursday, July 14. All times are Eastern. [Note: … Read more

What We Lost With the Show’s Cancellation

on Thursday, Joe Pera of the sublime Adult Swim series Joe Pera Talks With You shared that after a three-season run the show would now end. It was, quite simply, a devastating piece of news for the many who have been lucky enough to take in the poetic and humorous musings of Pera. For those … Read more

Season 3 is bonkers, delightful

Tuca & BertieImage: adult swim The absurdity of “adulting” as a Millennial—even the anthropomorphic bird kind—continues to fuel the zaniness of Tuca & Bertie. The former Netflix series created by Lisa Hanawalt is now housed by Adult Swim (a better match, it seems). And there’s plenty more fodder to play with in season three, as … Read more

The Boys College Spinoff to Crossover With Main Series

Now that the absolutely diabolical Season 3 finale for Prime Video’s original series the boys it’s over, it’s time to shift focus to what’s next. The fans need more. the boys showrunner, Eric Kripkerevealed some information on the show’s spinoff The Boys Presents: Varsity, currently in the works, in an interview with Deadline that gives … Read more

Terrible TV Show Finales Reddit

“It ends with Alpha being captured by the government.” A beloved TV show ending is nearly always a bummer, and it’s rarely easy to say goodbye to characters that you’ve spent years watching. But a show that ends on a strong note can mitigate that, while a show that ends on a weak one…well, fans … Read more

Brett Gelman on Stranger Things 4 & Murray Karate

Photo: Arturo Holmes/Getty Images My fingers are like arrows!My arms, like iron!My feet, like spears! With no disrespect to Vecna ​​and his 001 tattoo, the biggest surprise in Stranger Things 4 was the reveal that Murray, the show’s resident conspiracy theorist with a fondness for kimonos, wasn’t bullshitting about his karate prowess: He whoops the … Read more

SDCC 2022 Programming Schedule: Saturday Highlights

It’s less than two weeks away from Comic-Con, and CCI is releasing the programming schedule for Comic-Con 2019 in its annual fashion. We’ll be bringing you the highlights of each day as they’re announced. We’ll also be discussing our thoughts on this year’s lineup, including our top picks, room flow, and what time we think … Read more