The Soul — Be Inspired..!!

Incarnated Soul If you remove the physical body, what remains is the energy body. Nature spirits such as gnomes, elves and fairies have energy bodies. Imagine energy with consciousness that is subtler than that of nature spirits. The soul is a spiritual energy with consciousness. It is a being of divine intelligence, divine love and […]Daily… Continue reading The Soul — Be Inspired..!!


Trust The Process — Precious Kay’s world

No matter how difficult it is, Believe in yourself, be in the moment, embrace the unknown and trust the process. Trusting the process means having faith, the ability to trust what you can not see, trusting that everything is unfolding as it should for your good. Having a deep sense of belief that what you […]Trust… Continue reading Trust The Process — Precious Kay’s world


Myths About Depression — Be Inspired..!!

Depression is a very painful and difficult human experience. Depression is actually quite common it affects about one in ten people at some time in their lives. For some people, it might happen only once and pass quite quickly without any outside help. For others, depression may be more of a problem it may last […]Myths… Continue reading Myths About Depression — Be Inspired..!!


Eight Undeniable Truths That Are Going to Change Your Life

It’s good to recognize the good and bad in oneself and everyone because we all have the two, what differs from one person to the other is the degree of either, we should accept the world as it is. Know that there is pain, choose a struggle that’s worth our time and fulfills our goal in the end. Live, by being present, consistent informed and taking inspired action.

Cristian Mihai

The truth does not change based on your ability to accept it.

I do my best to live life in a way that I am aware of what I do, while also trying not to chase things that are outside of my control.

Here are some of those truths that help me stay in control of my life.

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