Cipher Mining has announced an operational update in December 2022

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Odessa Information Center District C

Odessa Information Center District C


Odessa Information Center Field Area

Odessa Information Center Field Area

It produces 225 bitcoins and achieves a new high hash rate capacity of 2.8 EH/s in December 2022.

New York, January 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Cipher Mining Inc. (NASDAQ: CIFR ) (“Cypher” or the “Company”), a leading developer and operator of Bitcoin mining data centers, today announced unverified production and operational updates for December 2022.

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Management commentary
In December, in addition to operating the first three data centers, Cipher continued to build at maximum speed in Odessa. Cipher started the month with the potential to mine ~3.6 bitcoins per day on Odessa and ended with the potential to mine ~6.6 bitcoins per day on the site.1 – an increase of ~ 84% in one month.

“This rapid progress demonstrates the expertise of our amazing deployment and operations teams,” said Tyler Page, CEO of Cipher. “As always at Cipher, we have been relentlessly focused on cost discipline and announced the purchase of 7,200 new rigs in one month at very attractive prices, bringing our total fleet purchased for self-production to over 59,000 rigs. Turning the calendar to 2023, we continue to focus on completing Odessa as soon as possible. With an additional ~31,000 fully paid rigs in the field or in transit to Odessa, we expect to expand our own production capacity to ~6 EH/s in the first quarter of the year.”

Bitcoin production and transactions updates for December 2022
During the month of December, Cipher powered 8,326 new Bitmain and MicroBT miners, representing a ~0.8 EH/s hash rate increase and a ~40% increase over the previous month. With an increase in hash rate, Cipher produced ~225 BTC in December, representing a 137% increase in production over the previous month. As part of its regular treasury management process, Cipher sold ~39 BTC in December and ended the year with a balance of ~394 BTC.

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Cipher is a growing technology company focused on the development and operation of bitcoin mining data centers in the United States. Cipher is dedicated to expanding and strengthening the critical infrastructure of the Bitcoin network. With its diverse talented team and strategic partnerships, Cipher aims to be a market leader in bitcoin mining development and innovation. Visit to learn more about Cipher

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1 The network assumes a hash rate of 250 EH/s and 900 bitcoins mined per day

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