Cosmetologist Anita Ghaşlar Internet users argue about the high price of bridal makeup

  • Celebrity makeup artist Anita Adetoye has joined the conversation about makeup prices on social media.
  • An earlier tweet shared a post about a makeup artist who was angry at a client who cheated on her for her bridal makeup.
  • The tweet sparked an online debate about the difference between regular makeup and bridal makeup

Every makeup artist has a list of services they provide for their clients, and on their price lists you will often see different categories of makeup that go for different prices.

In general, bridal makeup is usually x2 or more than photo shoot makeup.

Celebrity makeup artist Anita Adetoye’s photos and tweet screen. Credit: @anita.adetoye, @_shalommmm (Twitter)
Source: Instagram

Twitter user @_shalommmm told the story of a makeup artist whose client asked for a custom owambe makeover.

The makeup artist later revealed that she had been tricked into doing bridal makeup for the price of a regular makeup and was worried about paying more for the look.

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Check out the tweet below:

The post caused mixed reactions among social media users as some were against the make-up artist and some were against the artist.

Joining the conversation, Anita Adetoye from the famous make-up brand Anita Brows shared her thoughts on the matter.

In a TikTok video, Anita explained that bridal makeup is a cash cow for makeup artists in the industry as most of them are eager to grow their business.

She said the bridal makeup business is often an opportunity to make more money.

Watch his video below:

Netizens React to Anita Brows’ Thoughts on Makeup Debate

Not too many people disagreed with the professional makeup artist, with some accusing her of prioritizing her personal ambitions instead of giving a solid explanation as to why bridal makeup is more expensive, even though it’s the same process.

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Check out some of the comments below:


“So you’re charging more because it’s their wedding day, not because you’re using more products or more expensive products, so if I’m going to a funeral, but I want bridal makeup, you’re going to charge me less because it’s a funeral. Customer Proposition You have to pay for what you do, otherwise it’s biased and unfair.”


“She talks a lot and doesn’t say anything at all.. what is this? Tell me the difference.. the poster did her makeup for owambe and immediately MUA heard that it was for a wedding, the price change.. why??”


“I’m sorry aunty, but you didn’t say anything! If I’m paying 50k or more for bridal makeup, I should see what I’m paying for. If I’m getting 200k hair, it’s worth it. You can tell when a lot of people come to hair. Darlin yaki, vi.rgin hair donor you can’t compare with hair! Same dress,Jewelry,shoes etc. It’s not my problem to be told you should buy a house and a car but paying ridiculously for bridal makeup and not being able to explain the difference between it and normal makeup makes no sense.”

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“Where’s the point where it passes? Because I don’t get it! As far as I know, the wedding MU comes with you being with the bride the entire event to make sure the MU is still fresh and touch up if necessary. The extra money is the time YOU charge so that’s unusual you do.”


“He just dumped garbage. Because the woman selling rice on the street wants to buy a car. The price of the rice that will be used for the party should be different from that used at home. Izokuso”


” According to her, weddings are ‘cash cows’ meaning they make more money than the usual owambe or birthday makeup. Yes, you all rate people based on events not based on the products used. You want to put the heavenly product on someone’s face that day, which is cus las las that suddenly raised the account from 20 thousand to 150 thousand.”

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“What if someone is content with wearing regular everyday makeup to go to their wedding? Like they didn’t ask for bridal makeup. They just wanted the bare minimum to do their job? Shouldn’t they be allowed to make that choice?”


“DAD. Embarrassingly lame. As a businessman, there are things you shouldn’t be caught dead saying. You should always sell value first. Not your personal ambitions.”

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