Crypto Experts Are Hoarding This New Altcoin With Less Than 24 Hours Before The Sale Ends – Here’s Why

Just hours before the sale, stablecoin IMPT has raised more than $18.6 million, with $1 million a day coming in in recent days as crypto experts and influencers spread the project’s benefits online. will connect shoppers globally with environmental projects supported by multiple retail brands. Every time a user makes a purchase through IMPT, money is donated to climate change solutions and shoppers earn rewards.

Crypto Experts Pull The Best Ongoing Crypto Presale

‘CryptoHeroesLIVE’, one of Germany’s top cryptocurrency analysts IMPT reviewed Yesterday, as a high-potential project, the presale brought in $17.1 million. Then India’s Best Cryptocurrency Influencer “Wise Advice” posted a video Pre-sales collected $17.3 million on the day.

Later, CryptoNews analyst Jacob Bury posted an IMPT update today when IMPT was close to raising $18 million.

“I’m very, very bullish on everything in the ecosystem,” Buri said in a video update. “Tokenomically it’s amazing, the white paper looks great, the VCM (voluntary carbon market) is expected to grow massively by 2030, and of course investing in the IMPT token means you’re really aligning your investment decision with your moral framework. It’s helping save the planet It’s nice to know you’re involved in something.”

On Friday, the IMPT team delivered a keynote speech World Blockchain Summit in Thailand. This presentation may have caught the attention of cryptocurrencies, which often perform well not only during the IEO, but also in the long run, as new token presats that are completely doxxed and feature a professional team.

On Saturday night, as news of IMPT continued to spread internationally, investors poured an additional $1 million into the sale.

IMPT will be listed on exchanges at $0.0253, which is 10% higher than the last pre-sale price. IMPT token holders will be able to trade their tokens on LBank and Changelly immediately after the sale ends, with more listings currently being finalized.

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How IMPT works offers an online widget and mobile app that makes it easy for shoppers to buy products from affiliate brands both offline and online. They can then redeem their earned credits for unique NFT collectible rewards designed by renowned artists or sell them on the IMPT marketplace.

A part of the money spent by the buyer will also be donated to an independent project fighting climate change. Notable affiliates include Microsoft, Macy’s, Netflix, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The green projects featured and benefited on the platform come from accredited environmental organizations, so you can be sure your carbon credits are going towards making a real difference.

IMPT users can choose projects to support according to their personal passions. Over time, they will be able to see and quantify their overall environmental impact, including information on where carbon credits are applied. The idea is that this transparency will empower individuals by showing them how much change they have made.

How Blockchain Helps IMPT Improve Carbon Credit Trading

The problems of fraud and double counting in the carbon credit system can be solved by crediting NFTs using blockchain technology. The ownership addresses of these loans will then be stored in a decentralized ledger, preventing anyone from forging or changing them. Additionally, retired or burned carbon credit NFTs can be permanently removed from circulation by token burning, making it impossible for anyone to resell them. By adding a cryptographic proof to each NTF/token, IMPT creates an immutable record that is virtually impossible to forge.

Use of IMPT Tokens

The IMPT token is a key part of the ecosystem and its primary use is as a currency in the carbon market. The platform will require the IMPT token for every service provided, including NFT carbon credits and the purchase of various products from affiliates. Holders of tokens will also be able to vote on governance decisions in the upcoming DAO.

Carbon credit markets are exploding

Globally, carbon markets are developing as people become more aware of the need to tackle climate change. In 2021, approximately 500 million credits were purchased at an average price of $4 per tonne – a 60% increase from 2020 levels. The total carbon market was worth $271 billion in 2021 – an incredible 128% increase from 2008 figures. Even voluntary carbon offsets have reached new heights, quadrupling to $2 billion in just one year. Experts predict that this number will increase to 50 billion dollars by 2050.

We need an efficient solution for trading carbon credits in the carbon market, and IMPT is ideally positioned to provide this platform.

Sustainable Cryptocurrency IMPT Bridges Major Gap in Carbon Markets

IMPT can be an important part of the global climate change solution, allowing people to easily buy and trade carbon credits while offsetting their emissions. The blockchain technology it uses makes it more secure and transparent than traditional carbon markets, and as demand for such services grows, IMPT is in a great position to become the leading platform for trading carbon credits.

With the sale only hours away, now is the perfect time to join and participate in sustainable crypto investing that will help diversify your investment portfolio and contribute to a better tomorrow at the same time.

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