Crypto Holiday Gift Guide 2022

The season of giving is upon us. Whether you’re looking for a DeFi degen in your life that won’t break the bank, or a Bitcoin-themed stocking stuffer with a bit of luxury, Open the password you’ve got it covered.

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Image: CryptoGoodies

Whether it’s a bear or a bull market, show your devotion to crypto with CryptoGoodies’ collection of apparel, accessories and home decor. Whether it’s a Bored Ape Yacht Club hoodie or a Bitcoin pillow you’re looking for, this comprehensive online store has you covered.


Coinbase Gift Card

Coinbase. Image: Shutterstock

When in doubt, pull out the gift card. Crypto exchange Coinbase allows the recipient to purchase digital gift cards that allow them to easily purchase cryptocurrency. Existing Coinbase users can purchase the exchange’s listed coins and tokens, while general newcomers can be gifted one of several top coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Infinite Objects

Image: Infinite Objects

Small moments that spread Christmas cheer. With Infinite Objects, you can “print” the video into a digital frame, allowing you to gift your loved ones with happy memories or share an animated NFT as a physical gift with the crypto enthusiast in your life. Open the password readers can use the code DECRYPT15 at checkout to get 15% off their purchase between December 1st and December 10th.


Ledger Nano S Plus

Ledger Nano S Plus. Image: Open the password

With the collapse of FTX and the crypto contagion highlighting the risks of leaving your cryptocurrency holdings on centralized exchanges, investors are increasingly looking to wallets to protect their crypto. Ledger wallets are one of the most popular on the market, with millions of users trusting their cryptocurrency cold storage solution. The Nano S Plus is the latest addition to the series; an ideal gift for crypto neophytes and seasoned hodlers alike.



Not just a Crypmas Holiday Sweater

Crypmas holiday sweater. Image: Not alone

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without an ugly sweater, and this one certainly fits the bill. Aesthetically, it’s a war zone: Bitcoin and Ethereum logos juxtaposed with seasonal iconography as Santa rides a sleigh of MOON MIRACLES. But it’s exactly what’s needed and should make for plenty of interesting conversations this holiday season.

In keeping with the season of giving, 50% of the proceeds from the sale of the sweater go to charity. While Bitcoin can happily keep burning for energy, this sweater is all about sustainability – the knit is made from recycled yarns destined for the landfill using a zero-waste knitting technique.



FENDI Ledger Nano X Baguette Wallet Holder

FENDI Ledger Nano X Baguette Wallet Holder. Photo: FENDI

Who wants to be humiliated? With celebrities like Drake and Saweetie showing off their icy Ledgers, fancy cryptocurrencies are following suit. This Ledger hardware wallet case from luxury brand FENDI is crafted from gold-trimmed black caiman leather, making it the perfect gift for the crypto enthusiast who has it all.



Snow accident

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Photo: Random House

Neal Stephenson’s prophetic sci-fi novel turns 30 this year, and there’s no better time for crypto enthusiasts to pick up this seminal text. This is the book that invented the concept of the metaverse, a shared digital world populated by users’ avatars, but cybernarcotics infect these virtual personas and the people who use them. As if Mark Zuckerberg didn’t have enough on his plate.



VeeFriends Plush

VeeFriends Practical Peacock Plush. Photo: VeeFriends

Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends NFT collection is bright, bold, and colorful—and while the NFTs themselves are well beyond most people’s holiday shopping budget, there are more affordable VeeFriends-inspired plush outfits and figure sets available for fans.

Common Sense Cow or Practical Peacock will only set you back $25, compared to the nearly $1,000 sticker price of the cheapest NFT equivalent. US shoppers can also find VeeFriends on the Macy’s website or check their local location Macy’s shop.



StockX Vault

StockX Vault NFT. Image: StockX

Billing itself as the “future of culture,” StockX is a marketplace that offers physical products linked to NFTs. You can find everything from a pair of sneakers to collectibles, watches, and more. You can buy NFTs that represent anything up to An NFT can be redeemed for said physical item or sold as the owner wishes. A unique gift that showcases the future of on-chain ownership.


Followers in the dark

Followers in the Dark by Andy Greenberg. Photo: Random House

One of the central pillars of criminal investigations is “following the money,” and this book examines how law enforcement agencies track the use of cryptocurrency in criminal investigations. Andy Greenberg takes readers on a journey with investigators who bring down human trafficking rings and drug markets, and dispels misconceptions about cryptocurrency being private and anonymous.



Vertu Metavertu

Metavertu ‘Web3 smartphone’. Photo: Vertu

Luxury smartphone maker Vertu has returned from the desert with a bold new direction change. While the billionaire previously sold mid-range smartphones wrapped in crocodile skin to billionaire oligarchs, he is now targeting cryptocurrency. the new rich with the new “Web3 phone” Metavert.

It is built on a custom Web3 OS, complete with a built-in hardware wallet, dapp store, and the ability to manage an Ethereum blockchain, alongside the standard Android platform. You can convert a photo to an NFT with one click and get access to Vertu’s concierge service, which will now help guide you to the bluest of blue-chip NFT purchases.

And, yes, you can still cover it in gator skin. But it will cost you dearly.

From $3,600,



Image: Kryptoez

What’s a better stocking stuffer than more socks? Kryptoez offers socks emblazoned with logos from the most popular crypto projects, including Bitcoin (obviously), Ethereum, and Dogecoin. Also available are ties, cufflinks, pin badges and a bling-tastic gold Bitcoin necklace.


Hello Aspen Collection

Aspen Collection by Alo. Image: Hello Yoga

Fashion brand Alo stepped into the NFT revolution with the Aspen Collection, offering a limited edition with three capsules: the neutral-toned Mountain Peak, the bold and vibrant Cashmere, and the minimalistic Après Ski.

Each item in the collection is associated with an NFT. In addition to acting as proof of ownership, NFT is unveiling VIP offerings including a personal client manager to “personally walk you through the subtleties and stylistic possibilities within the Aspen Collection” and access to future Alo Homes and Health Clubs.

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Our world is full of miracles, surprises and… rug pulling. This holiday season, Decrypt Publisher and CRO Alanna Roazzi-Laforet offers a few items to keep you comfortable and safe:

Last year, all Decrypt staff received a holiday blanket from Head Regal to keep them toasty during the cold season. We are with them today. Build a fort, hunt and hibernate in the bear market.

Stay safe and smart amid the frenzy of recent cryptocurrency scandals. This gift needs no explanation.

This crypto winter may be long, but we’ll all be out when the snow melts and green shoots appear. For now, find sustenance by feeding your soul and belly – gorgeous photos and sumptuous recipes.

Happy holiday!

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