Emperor Njamah’s video controversy is sending the internet into a frenzy

Nollywood actress Empress Njamah has told her followers she is fine after her ex-fiancé Josh Wade released intimate videos of her. This happens after physical pressure and blackmail on the actress. Netizens have since taken to social media to protest the leak of the video.

@Fswglory This is plain evil! I wish him well.

It has been reported that Josh Wade has created a Whatsapp platform and started posting a series of private videos taken at Empress Njamah’s house. In one of the clips, the actress is said to be bathing. Before the videos went viral, her ex-fiancé threatened to release the clips if the starlet didn’t get back together with him.

As the clips leaked online, Empress Njamah took to social media to tell her followers that she was fine and alive. He also thanked his fans for their support. He said:

“I love you guys, I’m fine. Guys, thank you for all the love, support, messages and visits… I’m alive, I got out alive and I can talk, so many women are hiding, this torture, this torture, last, last, we move. I’m excited for my freedom.”

Netizens react to Emperor Njamah’s private videos being leaked online

Internet users were shocked by this incident. Many could not believe that her ex-fiancé had gone out of his way to make her so vulnerable. Several internet users expressed their sympathy to the actress. Others were outraged by the situation and hoped that the actress was filing a complaint against Wade for celebrating revenge p*rn. A few online comments read:

@Fswglory What do we expect to find and arrest this man… this is nonsense

@Fswglory Some people are just mean. We live simply by the grace of God, because no one knows what is in a person’s heart. I hope she finds comfort in all of this

@Fswglory So why isn’t he pressing charges? WTAF 🤬🤬🤬

@Fswglory This is plain evil! I wish him well.

After the videos leaked, Josh Wade claimed he was “seriously” missing her. He also warned Empress Njamah not to tell people that she was not allowed to travel. According to Instagram user @lindaikejiblogofficial, Wade said:

“I’m just confused, you know. I was just laughing when I said I couldn’t travel and people started telling me that. Like seriously? I miss you, I swear to God. Seriously, I just miss you. It’s the truth, there’s no joke about it. But please stop telling people I can’t travel. Don’t do it, please, please. It’s so wrong.”

Empress Njamah was physically abused during her relationship with her ex-fiancé

Empress Njamah and Josh Wade got engaged in December 2022. However, a day after announcing the same on Instagram, the former revealed that she was blackmailed into releasing her engagement video with threats of her nude photos being leaked online. He also announced that he was blackmailed for 450,000 dollars on his business Instagram account.

Njamah also shared that Wade seized her passport while she was staying at the same residence she now fled to. In a livestream video released in December, Njamah Wade said:

“He came into my life wanting to marry me, I didn’t know he had other goals and he came when I was very vulnerable when I lost my friend Ada Ameh. I didn’t know that he was busy collecting the tools and materials he would use to blackmail me.”

The actress added that after getting the private videos, he started physically harassing her. He also “beat me at any time, tied me up, put the keys in his pocket, in my own house.”

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Njamah threatened her online after exposing her now ex-fiancé. He said:

“You really don’t know what it is. Believe me, by God, you don’t know what’s coming. Everything I tell you, I think you think it’s a joke. But believe me, this is not a joke. I know your daily activities. I know everything you do every day.”

After his public threat, he continued to leak videos of the actress online.

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