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Free Internet service for NYCHA residents

By Gregg McQueen

Eric Adams announces expansion of ‘Big Apple Connect’ program.

The service is excellent, thank you very much.

Las autoridades municipales han anunicó que, para finales de 2023, unos 300,000 rezidents de los complecos habitacionales de la Autoridad de Vivienda de la ciudad de New York (NYCHA, por sus siglas en inglés) can use the Internet or internet services. cable television.

The Big Apple Connect program is for the first time in more than 100 locations related to the city of NYCHA, according to Eric Adams, a very large municipal program. del país.

In NYCHA, more than 200 lots can connect to free Internet and cable for fines until 2023.

On September 19, Langston Hughes Houses, Brooklyn, Adams, a pilot of the Big Apple Connect, went online.

“The Internet doesn’t need any electricity or gas,” Adams says. “Covid pandemic, absence of Internet service, can’t go away remotely. Vimos que nuestros mayores no podían hacer telemedicina”.

“The residents of New Cha have been in contact with each other for a long time.”

With NYCHA residents, you can use a wide range of software for free, consistent Internet connection speed, modem and router, TV service and cable connection and long distance. las zonas comunes de susedificios.

2023 final, NYCHA’s 200 cities get free Internet access with cable TV, Adams.

Las personas que vivan en las urbanizaciones de NYCHA que rúnan los requisites necesarios serán automistas en el programa y sólo se les invoicerán los servicios adicionales que decide to acquire Directamente.

Matt Fraser, director of technology, is a free resident program for the Internet program.

“WiFi cannot be used for free. Use the economy, protect public opinion, it could just be another person,” Fraser. “That is, vivienda publica, sustainable demasiado tiempo, ha estado en segundo plano a tras, simplemente porque no tenía acceso a los recursos”.

Island of Langston Hughes Houses, Mott Haven Houses in the Bronx, and Patterson Houses at the Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem and las Mott Haven Houses are pilots.

The city has signed agreements of three years with Optimum and Spectrum to provide service, employees, and is negotiating on Verizon as a possible provider.

Fraser is a global program that depends on the global program, but will cost $30 for free services at NYCHA.

“Big Apple Connect” program expands from 100 locations.

Ciprian Noel, president of Inquilinos de Langston Hughes Houses Asociación, reduces gas by using this program for free access to the Internet program Nueva York University.

“The university has everything. Soy padre soltero. Solo ingreso en mi hogar,” says Noel.

“Esto es una faktur, que marca $0.00 dolares”, he signaled, blandiendo su faktur de Internet en la rueda. “Este programa es muy bueno”.

Jessica Katz, Director of Vivienda, is NYCHA’s “Mayor and Nueva York City’s great recurso de vivienda avaliable.”

“Dejadas have been struggling with desmorone for a long time. So, little by little, hemo estado trabajando muy hardo para conseguir cosas para NYCHA y tratar de reconstruir la confianza con los restruir de NYCHA y reconstructir physically los own buildings of NYCHA, así como la connectiva de NYCHA reconstructir de NYCHA de Nueva York” , he said. “It’s really important.”

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