Good job, internet: You’ve kicked NFTs out of mainstream gaming

Seth Green’s monkey is back. Thanks God. (Image credit: Seth Green)

The internet is a maelstrom of chatter — even a brief exposure can make everyone wish they’d shut up — but does any of it matter? A chorus of social media critics, in fact do anything? This is the biggest insecurity of the internet. Self-confident social media users diagnose each other with poster disease (opens in new tab) and sarcastically say “we did it, Reddit” to imply that no, posting on the internet doesn’t save the day.

Are publishers pulling back because they don’t see the value in NFTs, or because they’re mercilessly mocked online every time they talk about them?

Internet mobs were undoubtedly the cause some of them things are better and worse though. The frenzy surrounding loot boxes was at least partly responsible for attracting the attention of politicians, leading to the continued decline of the practice today. We had them turn an ugly Sonic movie into a boring Sonic movie. I wonder where the absence of the internet mafia was felt: CS:GO buttons and the Steam Community Market, how would things be different today if Valve had met the kind of resistance it did when trying to add paid mods to Steam?

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