Greg Abbott blushes over ‘Human Trafficking Awareness’ video

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is being called a “hypocrite” by some on social media after he released a video promoting Human Trafficking Awareness Day on Wednesday. annual campaign. Abbott took to Twitter on Tuesday to encourage her followers to wear blue on Wednesday to raise awareness about the fight to end human trafficking. He shared a video message recognizing January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month, followed by a letter on Tuesday highlighting his initiatives against the crime.

“Texas will continue to lead the fight against human trafficking by educating the public, combating human trafficking at our border and supporting survivors of human trafficking,” Abbott said in the 55-second clip, in which he wore a dark blue suit. brighter blue tie. “I hope you will join Cecilia and me in wearing blue tomorrow to shine a light on our important work to end human trafficking.” This week, the Governor’s Office Against Child Exploitation (GRACE) is also hosting its third annual Week of Prayer to End Human Trafficking.

However, Twitter users pointed out that the governor’s efforts to bus migrants across the Texas border into blue states were seen by some as a form of human trafficking. “You definitely get the hypocrite award of the day. It’s like we forgot about migrant trafficking at Christmas.” one user commented. “When’s the next bus coming, you hypocrite!” asked another. Another user responded by tweeting, “The guy who puts migrants on buses in the middle of winter and drives them to DC in the middle of winter to score political points with the bubbas in the south is suddenly a human rights advocate.”

Coincidentally (or not), Abbott followed through on his tweets about human trafficking message updating the total number of migrants transported From the Texas border to cities north: over 9,100 to Washington; over 5,200 to New York; over 1,500 to Chicago; and more than 890 to Philadelphia. “Texas continues to drive migrants to sanctuary cities and help our overstretched border communities,” he said. “We are stepping up to protect our state in Biden’s absence.”

Abbott recently found himself the subject of intense online scrutiny after three busloads of migrants, including young children, arrived late on Christmas Eve near Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in Washington. The migrant groups reportedly traveled for two days from Texas, and many noted that those who landed in the nation’s capital were not dressed for the weather that night, with local temperatures well below freezing and high winds adding to the chill.

Texas Democrat Julian Castro was among those criticizing the governor. He wrote on Twitter that Abbott is unfit for office because of the stunt. “This is what @GregAbbott_Tx, who calls himself a Christian but often doesn’t care how others behave, did this to people on Christmas. Anyone who wants to be this mean to people is not fit for office,” Castro wrote. . His twin brother, US Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-San Antonio)tweeting at the same time: “Worthless @GovAbbott sending off people with no money or means in 15 degree weather near Vip’s residence on Christmas Eve. What a Christian you are, Greg Abbott. Being a heartless POS will do nothing. You are the next Republican president.”

Abbott first started renting buses to take migrants to other parts of the country last April. As of November, Texas had spent more than $20 million on the effort, WFAA in Dallas reported. After sending a letter to President Joe Biden on Sunday, who called his visit to El Paso “two years too late,” Abbott urged the federal government to provide additional funds to address a historic spike in illegal immigration. “One hundred percent. Texas desperately needs the money,” Abbott said in a clip he addressed reporters in El Paso. “I know the Republicans in the US House of Representatives are committed to providing Texas with the money we need. We ended up spending 4 billion Texas taxpayer dollars for Texas over the last two years to fill the void created by the Biden administration.”


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