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On Tuesday, Titleist announced that a new series of 2023 Scotty Cameron “Super Select” putters will soon be available. There will be 10 new Super Select remote models in total, but the release is happening in two waves:

  • Six new Scotty Cameron Super Select models will be available in stores from March 17, 2023 (Newport, Newport Plus, Newport 2, Newport 2 Plus, Newport 2.5 Plus and Squareback 2)
  • Four new Scotty Cameron Super Select models will then be available in stores on May 19, 2023 (Super Select Fastback 1.5, Del Mar and the new GOLO 6 and GOLO 6.5)

Compared to Scotty Cameron’s previous 2020 “Special Selection” putters, Titleist says the new Super Select 2023 putters feature new blade and middle hammer pattern designs, updated neck styles, refined shapes, new milling techniques, improved multi-materials . construction and “progressive” weight distribution. Scotty Cameron of course works closely with the tour pros week in and week out, so naturally there have been a number of changes across the line up since the previous 2020 edition.

Overall, there are four main changes you’ll see in the Super Select 2023 shooter family:

  1. “Plus” models: The Newport Plus, Newport 2 Plus, and Newport 2.5 Plus models look like traditional blade-style clubs, but they are designed with a wider gauge to promote more club-like forgiveness.
  2. Double milling process: To improve feel, sound and performance, Scotty Cameron now uses the dual milling process he previously used on Tour Prototypes, according to Titleist. The milling process is as follows: “After the mill has deeply milled along the lathe surface, a second pass of the mill flattens the tops of the face mill, creating a flatter, more consistent surface for the ball to contact the lathe. face,” says Titleist.
  3. “I-Beam” hoses: Eight of the 10 new models – except the Del Mar and GOLO 6 – feature a new hosel design that helps take weight off the truck neck, which is then placed in the toe and heel sections of the heads to increase forgiveness.
  4. Weight configuration: Multi-material forks (303 stainless bodies and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum baseplates) feature stainless steel or tungsten weights in the heel, allowing Scotty Cameron to optimize weight distribution on each model.

Here’s what Scotty Cameron had to say about his 2023 lineup:

With the new Super Select adjusters, the name just fits. I’ve been making putters for a long time, and new ideas emerge as each string is rolled out and played. There is always a better way. I try to make all the improvements I can to bring more performance to the players, give them more confidence and ultimately more success.

“The key to the 2023 Super Select family is the new ‘Plus’ models that I introduced at Tour last year, then made into several limited edition models to showcase this new higher MOI blade design. We now have three new “Plus” options in several of our most popular designs. Additionally, I brought back the GOLO name and jersey in a new size. Familiar models like the Newport, Newport 2, Squareback 2, Fastback 1.5 and Del Mar all feature our new dual mill for great face feel that combines the deep mill feel with mid-mill surface consistency. Inspired by the clubs made for the tour pros, I introduced new I-beam necks and various cosmetic upgrades to the finish and graphics. I have tried my best to make these Super Voters live up to their names.”

The new Scotty Cameron Super Select machines will retail for $449 each (MAP; Minimum Advertised Price) and feature two customizable weights. Knife-type pullers are equipped with a Pistolini grip, while medium hammers are equipped with a relatively larger Pistolero Plus grip.

Titleist describes the Super Select putter aesthetic as:

“All of the new 2023 Super Select stainless steel lathe heads go through Scotty’s silver mist process for a durable, bright, yet shine-resistant, look and texture. 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum components are vapor-coated and anodized with a clear, bright aluminum finish. Scotty’s familiar three-point theme carries over to the back clearances as unpainted, raw circles milled from stainless steel. The treads and sight lines are finished in asphalt grey, except for the soles where the ‘+’ symbols on the Scotty Cameron and Plus models are accented with cherry red clear paint.

Scotty Cameron Super Select March 17 release (six models)

Select Super Newport

Super Select Newport Plus

Super Select Newport 2

Super Select Newport 2 Plus

Super Select Newport 2.5 Plus

Super Select Squareback 2

Scotty Cameron Super Select May 19 release (four models)

Super Select Del Mar

Super Select Fastback 1.5

Super Select GOLO 6

Super Select GOLO 6.5

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