How Josh King Madrid Became an Internet Celebrity

Josh King has become one of the biggest names on the internet, and he’s made millions from his fame.

Being a successful entrepreneur in today’s world is not a small or simple task for anyone. Most people don’t get the chance to make a big name for themselves through entrepreneurship, usually in their early 20s, because many get tired and quit at some point. Josh King Madrid, 24, beat the odds to become a millionaire as an entrepreneur in his early 20s, while most of the wealthiest or most influential entrepreneurs we know today did so in their 30s or even 40s. Who is Josh King Madrid? In this day and age of gatekeepers in the industry, how did such a young man make his millions through entrepreneurship? Read on to find out.


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Who is Josh King Madrid?

John King Madrid, often known as “JetSet”, was born Joshua Madrid on March 8, 1998 in California to stay-at-home mother Wanda Madrid and businessman father Eric Madrid. He grew up in Ohio with his two brothers. JetSet spent his formative years watching his parents build the online store EHealth Supplies. He also assisted in product packaging and fulfillment of orders for delivery to customers. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 7 by accidentally folding papers into wallets, drawing on them and selling them to his classmates. smart huh? Then, using a loan from his father, he founded his first company by buying nails from Alibaba.

He played basketball at Vista Murrieta High School his freshman year before transferring to Paloma Valley High School in Menifee his sophomore year, where he focused on athletics during his high school years. JetSet eventually became one of the best triple jumpers in California during his junior year, and many top schools offered him opportunities to compete in track and field, but he wanted to stop competing entirely to focus solely on his first sales and marketing business.

JetSet’s Full-Time Business Venture

With the help of viral growth strategies he learned in school, Joshua King Madrid’s business expanded from selling hats to peers to selling jewelry, sunglasses, iPod cases, custom clothing and hats on Facebook and eBay. By age 15, he had saved enough money from his business to buy a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T, a car he customized and used for the car shows and rallies he attended and organized. This multi-talented millionaire made significant strides to reach the millions he first made as a serial entrepreneur at the age of 19. It’s surprising that he doesn’t fit into a box because there are so many things he does or is interested in, like how he created or being an internet entrepreneur and certified NLP trainer as well as being a social expert. media influencer and speaker with an estimated net worth of $20 million.

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The Creative Side of JetSet

Josh King Madrid has consistently shown that despite dropping out of college, he doesn’t actually need a degree to change the world and make an impact. This is demonstrated in his books The Art of Frame Control: How to Get People to Easily Agree with You and See the World Your Way and JETSET LIFE HACKS: 33 Life Hacks for Millionaires, Athletes, Celebrities and Geniuses are in common.” He also hosts television programs and is the creator of The Dropout Degree Show, which has over one million downloads and has been ranked among the top ten business podcasts globally for two years.

One of the first internet marketers for Generation Z, JetSet focuses primarily on product introduction, sales and marketing, internet marketing and strategic alliances. He also started the millennial entrepreneurial movement, Team Jet Set. Nicknamed “Crypto Bro”, he is a neuro-marketer and marketing consultant who has generated over $10 million in sales for NFT clients. His development of an auto-interactive conversational chatbot campaign for Instagram’s direct messaging automation is one of the things that sets him apart.

JetSet’s Internet Celebrity Status and Other Interests

Although he is also a filmmaker and public speaker, most of Josh King Madrid’s success and exploits are related to the Internet, earning him the nickname “America’s Internet Celebrity.” She has a total social media following of nearly 1 million and was named one of the top business influencers of 2017. He was sure to see more from this innovative young man and by the end of the decade he had managed to multiply his fortune as he constantly looked for more profitable ventures to invest in and focus on.

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