How to buy Bitcoin 25% below market price?

With all the volatility in the cryptocurrency market these days, it’s not easy to find ways to make big, safe profits from digital currencies.

However, one project is setting a new standard for low-risk, high-return passive investing. ArbiSmart is an interesting wallet and financial services hub that is growing in popularity, while many other projects are losing ground.

What sets ArbiSmart’s EU-licensed project apart from the crowd is that it offers the most favorable terms in the industry for storing and exchanging ad purchase currency, and a notable feature is huge discounts on cryptocurrency and FIAT purchases.

How to get the discount

On the ArbiSmart platform, you can make huge profits by buying cryptocurrency and FIAT currency at a discount of up to 50%.

The process is simple. You simply select the discount percentage with options ranging from 10% to 50%. The size of the discount offered will depend on the length of the ownership period.

Let’s say you get a 35% discount to buy $1,000 worth of Ethereum. You will pay a total of $650, although the entire $1,000 worth of ETH will be available for withdrawal at the end of the entitlement period.

For some discounts on cryptocurrency purchases, you will also be required to hold a certain amount of RBIS, the native token, in a locked balance until the redemption period expires. This provides a valuable benefit to the token, increasing the token price, potentially leading to significant capital gains in the future.

There are no surprises with ArbiSmart. The terms and conditions for purchasing each of the discount options are presented on the Buy Crypto tab in the ArbiSmart dashboard prior to purchase.

ArbiSmart supports around 30 FIAT and cryptocurrencies, from BTC, ETH and SHIB to EUR, GBP and USD, and discounts are available on all of them.

A number of factors will affect the size of the discount available, including the purchase amount and currency, as well as the length of the entitlement period. Also, if applicable, discounts will be affected by how long and for how long RBIS is closed.

So if you want to buy 2,000 GBP worth of EUR at a 25% discount, you’ll only pay £1,500 for it, and if the pound falls against the euro, you’ll actually make a profit on two fronts.

What happens after you buy your discounted cryptocurrency or FIAT and make it available for withdrawal after the right expires?
Now you keep winning.

What to do after the tenure expires

After the ownership period ends, you can withdraw your funds from the platform or continue to earn a profit on your capital.

ArbiSmart wallet provides a wide selection of customizable savings plans. Your Bitcoin, Euro or other preferred asset can either be held in an existing balance, where it is always accessible but will not earn interest, or in locked savings plans for as long as 1 or 3 months or as long as 18 months, 2. , 3 or 5 years.

The amount of interest you earn can be up to 147% per annum, the exact amount depends on various factors including the plan expiry date and the plan currency, with balances in RBIS earning the highest rates. Another factor that affects your profit is how you get your daily interest at the highest rate if it is paid into RBIS and is closed before the plan contract expires.

However, the main factor that determines interest rates is your account level, based on how much RBIS you have. You need a minimum of 1,000 RBIS to move up the ladder and get Starter level account status, which allows you to earn interest on your capital.

The more RBIS you buy, the higher your account level and the higher interest rate you earn in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euro, USD or other supported currency.

Another reason to store your discounted cryptocurrency with ArbiSmart

Through the last bear market, the wallet gained momentum, guaranteeing the same interest rate on Bitcoin no matter which way the market moved. Demand for the token is increasing and the limited supply will continue to decrease as more people lock RBIS into their savings plans.

With the addition of a number of new interconnected services to the ArbiSmart ecosystem that require the use of RBIS, demand will increase this winter. These include the NFT market, the original NFT collection, the DeFi protocol offering profitability services, a cryptocurrency exchange, and the game-win metaverse, which is the currency of RBIS. These RBIS utilities will all be integrated. So you will be able to use ArbiSmart NFT as an in-game item in the metaverse.

ArbiSmart wallet holders will have access to new potential sources of income from gaming, trading, productivity and NFT investments alongside potentially huge capital gains such as RBIS rate hikes, higher interest rates on savings plans and huge discounts on currency purchases.

ArbiSmart is now offering 30% off your first currency purchase if you sign up within 3 days of this article being published. Just register and contact the ArbiSmart team via chat to avail the discount. Buy crypto now to participate in the promotion.


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