ISPA Reveals WINNER of 2022 UK ISP Internet Industry Awards UPDATE

The UK Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA) has announced the winners of its 24th annual 2022 internet industry and broadband awards, with B4RN taking home the award, among other things.The best rural provider” (second year running), while Brsk was named the best infrastructure provider with less than 100,000 buildings.

The award categories have been slightly revised for this year’s event, which aims to help reflect the changing market of alternative network (AltNet) providers. For example, different rewards will now be given to ISPs or infrastructure operators with more than 100,000 customers or premises, as well as those with fewer than 100,000 customers or premises.

As always, the ISPA Awards were independently judged by a panel of nine industry experts (seniors from Cloudflare, JISC, Point Topic, etc.), UK ISPs, web hosts and VoIP providers also received some “technical test” via Thinkbroadband (ie this usually includes bandwidth down/upload, HTTP speed, DNS lookup time and ping times, etc.). But we cannot see the detailed results of the latter.

The Internet Hero The 2022 prize ended up going to the Digital Poverty Alliance Internet villain (returning after a long time) – more widely – givenincluding landlords, landowners and those who add unnecessary burdens to our sector, all who are slowing down one of the biggest infrastructure improvements in decades“. Fair enough.

Eagle-eyed readers may also notice that a familiar name won the Outstanding Achievement Award, which came as a bit of a shocker. We’ve rounded up all the winners below.

2022 ISPA UK Award Winners

Best Consumer ISP 100K+

Hyperoptic has shown consistent good performance consistent with a customer-centric approach while maintaining NPS, and their Trust Pilot scores remain high during a busy year.

Best Consumer ISP 100K-

Community Fiber has been recognized for its continuous improvement and investment, as well as its ongoing support for customers in innovative work and social housing, securing Wayleave contracts.

Best Infrastructure 100K+

The judges were impressed by CityFibre’s rapidly growing footprint across cities and towns, offering many different technologies for different scenarios – residential, business, power supply 5G and dedicated optical services.

Best Infrastructure 100K-

In a crowded field, the Judges awarded BRSK for going the extra mile, providing solutions to reach problem areas and showing patience in areas where others could not.

Best Business ISP

The judges awarded them the best business broadband network for showing how an ISP can balance retail and business through future-ready infrastructure, deployment speed and prioritized business support.

The best rural provider

The judges selected B4RN not only for providing public good, working with the local community and reinvesting all of their profits, but also for being an effective business with the highest penetration rates in the UK.

The best VoIP

Voipfone has been recognized for its support of third-party hardware, common solutions and systems reuse.

The best cyber security
Exa networks

The judges felt that Exa offered a wider range of packages and functions that worked in combination to provide a truly effective solution.

Best Customer Innovation
Ditch Law

The Moats Act were considered worthy winners for helping to reduce absenteeism through their automated commuting service, using technology to speed up and extend the commuting process, helping to accelerate one of the biggest hurdles to broadband rollout.

Best Hosted Service
Krystal Hosting

The judges were impressed by Krystal Hosting’s effective innovative products across its channels, including how it made it easier for business customers to search for content and understand how people use the service with an Elasticsearch plugin.

Digital Inclusion Award
Freedom Project

The Good Things Foundation was awarded the Freedom Project Digital Inclusion Award for bringing support around devices, connectivity, digital support and digital learning to one of the UK’s most remote locations, connecting over 1,200 families across the Highland Region.

Internet Hero
Digital Poverty Alliance

At a time when access to good, affordable broadband has never been more important, the ISPA Council has decided to award the hero award to the Digital Poverty Alliance for bringing together disparate work in this area, comparing the scale of the problem and providing targeted support programmes. in special groups.

Internet villain
Anti-Broadband Coalition

This year’s internet villain award goes to all those who block and hold back the rollout of gigabit-capable broadband, from helpless homeowners to unresponsive landowners and vested interests who add unnecessary costs, delays and burdens to one of the biggest infrastructure upgrades in decades.

Outstanding Achievement Award
Mark Jackson, Editor,

The ISPA Council has decided to honor Mark Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of ISPreview, who has spent nearly 25 years informing the industry and consumers about the ISP and broadband sector, reporting independently and with great analysis from dial-up to gigabit broadband. .

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