James Gunn And The Rock Go Star Wars After DC ‘Degraded’ Him? Black Adam Starr’s Latest Music Video Set The Internet On Fire

Is this a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it a Jedi Knight masquerading as the Man in Black? Reality finds its own flavor of multifaceted chaos as The Rock sends fans all over the place with the number of clues he’s been dropping lately. The once and former DCU actor recently made headlines and sent the world into theaters to see Henry Cavill as the last drop of oxygen on the planet.

However, that hope was quickly dashed when the James Gunn drama began to usurp all that was beautiful and warm in the fandom’s budding heart. Now that Gunn has served do it-A moment worthy of The Rock and his Superman pal, the actor walked away to seek greener pastures elsewhere. And it looks like he may find his new calling in a galaxy far, far away.

Dwayne Johnson

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Rock is about finding Safe Harbor in Disney’s Franchises

Viewers have been getting a lot of mixed signals lately The Black Man actor. First, it was his blatant disregard for the acknowledgment that the DCU movie was available on the streaming platform, HBO Max. It was a big topic of discussion among fans, given how vocal and enthusiastic The Rock has been about making his 15-year-old venture a reality. Later, the treaty of peace, sworn and sealed between footman and lord, was to reduce the specter of the Rock to a side hustle—a versatile appearance, if anything.

Man in Black (2022)
The Black Man (2022)

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After a mild letdown, it now appears that The Rock is taking nothing for granted, and the wrestler-turned-actor is realizing that simply listening to the audience may not do the trick anymore. To avoid getting stuck in the quagmire of internal politics and drama, you need to build your foundations on firmer ground. So Dwayne Johnson was looking for a safe haven, preferably under the banner of the biggest players in town – the Walt Disney Company.

Whether it’s Marvel Studios (his numerous recent appearances on DC’s CBM counterpart) or the Lucasfilm franchise – the actor has his heart set on finding a home and anchor for himself and his loyal fandom, which is now suddenly lost at sea. since they were shown a dream The Black Man trilogy before being rudely awakened.

The Rock and the DCU defeat each other through the Man in Black
The Rock and the DCU defeat each other The Black Man

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The Rock is planning a strategic move to Disney Star Wars?

Amid the many Easter eggs and teasing thrown our way, almost like a game of dodgeball, The Rock suddenly released a video of the actor on a private jet with documents strewn in front of him as he browbeats notorious people into stationery. , while John Williams Star Wars symphony, The power is with you, plays in tandem. The video raised people’s hopes to ionospheric levels with anticipation that the actor might eventually cross over to the Lucasfilm universe.

The timing of the video comes at the perfect time, an opening in the large and expansive universe that is the MandoVerse, as recent reports indicate that Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are looking to host a new addition to the Mando family before moving on. to bigger and better projects. Currently, rumors and fan speculation only suggest that the project may be a live-action entry Star Wars: Rebels but nothing is confirmed yet. Favreau and Filoni have promised that the new project will be the last piece of the puzzle before the MandoVerse prepares itself for a crossover event.

If The Rock is indeed planning to join Star Wars fraternity, there’s no limit to the choice of characters an actor can portray, but it’s still highly unlikely that an A-lister will be hired anytime soon.

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