Jordan Peele Tweet From 8 Years Ago Foreshadowed Nope Plot Line

Fans of Nope have unearthed a tweet of Peele’s from eight years ago that may unlock the answer of how he thought up one the film’s scariest moments.

WARNING: This post contains spoilers for nope

A tweet by director Jordan Peele from 2014 has resurfaced in which he details a dream he had that directly connects to a scene from the recently-released no. Nope’s impressive box office debut has cemented Peele’s status as a horror force to be reckoned with after similarly noteworthy openings for his previous efforts, 2017’s get out and 2019’s Us. The former MadTV and Key & Peele standout comedy has learned to keep audiences off-balance by mixing relatable humor cinematic horror and making audiences guess which of the two to anticipate pure next.


nope in particular he has been hailed as a horror spectacle not just in how it uses impressive alien designs and the threat of capture by UFOs as peak horror tension, but how it makes horror out of things naturally found on Earth. The unforgettable opening flashback sequence culminates with a terrifying monkey attack on the set of the supposed 1980s primate-related sitcom Gordy’s Home. After the chimpanzee is spooked by a popped balloon and proceeds to attack and maim several of the main sitcom actors, the scene ends with Gordy greeting the remaining unharmed cast member, who grows up to be Steven Yeun’s Jupe, with a surprising amount of kindness. While the sequence would act as a mostly-unconnected parable to nope, fans have been inspiration where Peele had drawn such a frightening.

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Now, fans of nope have unearthed a tweet from peel dated roughly eight years ago that may unlock the answer to how he thought up one of the film’s scariest moments. In the tweet, dated November 30, 2014, Peele details a dream he’d had the previous night in which a similar primate attack takes place, followed by a loving embrace from the chimp. It’s the familiar look that has nope viewers flocking to the tweet and praising Peele’s subconscious thought process. See the tweet in question below:

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Online users are now seeing the 2014 tweet by Peele in a new light from when it was originally posted in the midst of Peele’s run on Key & Peele. Peele’s tweets in this time period were more lighthearted and relatable, as they were from the guise of a comedy performer rather than a horror filmmaker. In the years since Get out, Peele has become more stoic and to the point on Twitter, usually only coming on to promote his films. What can be seen as a departure from the straightforward nature of Peele’s social media presence came on Sunday, when he posted the full opening sequence to Gordy’s Homecomplete with moments made even more chilling in the context of the film.

The discovery of this prophetic tweet from Peele brings several details to light. This tweet, and this dream, predates the production of get out, meaning an idea like this has been floating around Peele’s head for longer than several of the ones that have spooked audiences in his first two films. The thought of a rampaging monkey in Peele’s subconscious may also have contributed to Peele keeping the Monkeypaw Productions name for his company even as he made the switch from comedy television to horror features. Mostly, it acts as a window into the writer/director’s mind, and informs fans and moviegoers to never rule out inspiration from even the most unlikely sources. It’s not known what Peele’s next film project will be, but if it’s anything like nope, the part that will keep audiences awake at night may have already been dreamed up by Peele years ago.

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