Jump-starts Fast Forward Initiative to Support Open Source and Internet Infrastructure

“By developers, for developers” reaffirms its commitment to serving the 100M+ developers currently benefiting from open source development and innovation outside

Fastly, Inc., the world’s fastest global edge cloud platform. (NYSE: FSLY), today announced the relaunch of its industry-leading Open Source and Nonprofit Software as Fast Forward, with a renewed focus on building community among builders and maintainers. faster, safer and more inclusive internet. The announcement was made at Altitude, Fastly’s annual flagship customer conference.

Fast Forward is a comprehensive collection of software designed to empower and support open source projects, nonprofits, and developers in their efforts to create great things with unparalleled ease, performance, and security. Extending Fastly’s deep commitment to open source, Fast Forward will offer free services to open source projects and the nonprofit organizations that support them. Fast Forward will also create and nurture a community of these stakeholders so they can interact and learn from each other, as well as the broader developer and open source community.

Fast Forward is driven by Fastly’s mission to make the internet a better place where all experiences are fast, engaging and secure. At its core, Fastly is focused on being part of an open, transparent and collaborative industry – working together to expand and maintain sustainability, portability and interoperability. Fast believes that globally operating companies have a responsibility to contribute to the common body of knowledge that makes up the open Internet: standards, protocols, open source technology, and policies.

Todd Nightingale, CEO of Fastly, said: “Delivering Fastly’s best-in-class services for open source projects and standards initiatives has the power to drive our shared mission to make the Internet a better place. “It’s important to us to support organizations that drive Internet innovation”

Fast Forward is just one element of Fastly’s rich heritage in open source and open standards: Fastly is a founding member of the Bytecode Alliance with Red Hat, Mozilla and Intel; Works with industry partners such as Microsoft, Google and Apple and more to contribute Private Access Tokens; and encourages its employees to contribute to open source through projects like Pushpin, WAF Efficacy and more – just to name a few initiatives. Fastly also has a long-standing policy for its customer community and only works with customers and partners who reflect Fastly’s values.

“There is so much great creativity on the web that inspires but doesn’t always get the support it deserves,” said Anil Dash, VP of Developer Experience at Fastly. “Forward Speed ​​is Fastly’s commitment to helping everyone build a better web. From open source technologies to the fundamental protocols and standards that drive the web, we tell every developer and every creator that no matter what technologies, tools or stacks they use, we’ve got their backs. We can’t wait to see how they use this potential to build and expand a better internet.”

Fastly’s investment in open source has provided valuable support to organizations such as the Rust Software Foundation, the Apache Software Foundation, and the Scratch Foundation. Their leaders talk about the benefits they get from Fastly’s Fast Forward Program:

Joel Marcey, Director of Operations and Advocacy, Rust Foundation, said: “As the non-profit organization that supports the Rust Project, the Rust Foundation believes that the future of software development looks brighter every day thanks to Rust’s inherent advantages, such as memory safety. , energy efficiency and scalability. But for the Rust Project to meet the demands of its growing popularity, a versatile and cost-effective infrastructure is essential. The Rust Foundation is excited to enter the Fast Forward program, which will allow the Rust Project to use Fastly’s full on-site delivery and powerful Compute@Edge platform at no cost. It is partnerships like these that will contribute to Rust’s future growth and sustainability.”

Daniel Gruno, Infrastructure Architect at the Apache Foundation, said: “Fastly’s sponsorship has enabled the Apache Software Foundation to replace its complex mirroring infrastructure with a simple content delivery network (CDN) that is largely transparent to our projects and users. In addition, it is allowed. The infrastructure team is to spend less time on our distribution network and more time on higher value projects for the foundation.”

Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill, Senior Software Engineer at Scratch Foundation, said, “Thanks to Fastly’s global reach and continued support, we at Scratch Foundation are able to fulfill our mission of empowering young people around the world with digital tools and opportunities to imagine, create, share and learn. We are grateful for the Fastly partnership, which allows us to remain nimble and nimble as our Scratch and ScratchJr platforms grow globally as leading creative learning tools.”

To be eligible for free services through the Fast Forward Program, members must freely distribute their code base and adhere to Fastly’s open source values: open, community-driven, inclusive, friendly with new contributors, and built on trust. If accepted, they in turn commit to sharing knowledge and resources with the Fast Forward community and beyond.

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