Lauren Boebert’s clash with Sean Hannity caused the Internet to split

Twitter, once the internet’s town square, is evenly divided over the latest clash between Rep. Lauren Boebert and TV talk show host Sean Hannity.

On Tuesday night, the Colorado congressman, one of 20 House Republicans who voted against Kevin McCarthy becoming House speaker both Tuesday and Wednesday, was thoroughly excoriated by a longtime friend for criticizing the former House minority leader.

For about half of Twitter users who commented on the apparent clash, such a spat between conservatives who are usually on the same side was expected amid the turmoil that hardliners like Boebert have thrown the GOP in recent days.

For the other half, the clash was unexpected, and the Fox News host went too far in attacking the Colorado congressman.

In this composite image, Sean Hannity, left, and Rep. Lauren Boebert. The couple had an argument on the Fox News host’s show.
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“I try to look at the fox to check the other side. But Hannity and Boeber’s holding a full scream match tonight was intolerable. CNN and MSNBC have never been everrcrsrrrorrrrorrrrorrrrrorrrrrorrrrrorrrrorrrrrorrrrrorrrrrorrrrrrorrrrrorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrorr

“Fox News is now at war with the Gaetz-Boebert wing of the GOP. It’s funny because Hannity encouraged this behavior from 2011-2014.” he wrote reporter Jim Stinson.

McCarthy failed in six consecutive ballots between Tuesday and Wednesday and was able to pick up enough votes to be elected leader of the new GOP-controlled chamber. The 118th Congress is currently paralyzed as 20 Republican lawmakers, most of whom are members of the ultraconservative Freedom Caucus, continue to oppose McCarthy’s proposal.

Boebert spoke out against McCarthy in particular, asking Donald Trump on Wednesday to withdraw his endorsement of the nominee and telling Kevin McCarthy that it’s time for the former president to say “sir, you don’t have a voice and it’s time.” to retreat.'”

But when Boebert appeared on Hannity’s show later in the day, the TV host asked the congressman if he was the one backing down instead.

“Kevin McCarthy has 202-3 votes. You have 20 votes,” Hannity says. “So, if I’m going to use your words, your methodology, and your math, isn’t it time to put it down?”

When Boebert began to answer the question, saying he understood his frustration but that McCarthy “doesn’t have a voice,” Hannity cut him off, saying he wasn’t answering his question.

From that moment on, the interview was marked by a series of interruptions and disagreements between the two. In one of the most heated discussions, Hannity asked Boebert about the nominee he and his dissident fellow House Republicans would prefer as speaker of the House, and the Colorado congressman joked about Trump’s nomination.

“What is this, a game show?” Hannity responded.

“I know it’s propaganda theater, but Sean Hannity seems genuinely concerned that Boebert said he might nominate Trump for speaker. Even clowns know when a circus is a losing show,” writer Paula Chertok commented on Twitter.

On the other hand, the comments of the right-wing side lean towards Boebert.

“Jesus, looks like Frank Luntz is going to need a new roommate,” Newsmax television anchor Gerry Callahan wrote, referring to Frank Luntz, a Republican consultant and pollster. “Hannity is seriously upset that Lauren Boebert doesn’t like Kevin McCarthy. Sean is deeply offended that Boebert insulted his mother.”

“Boebert is a true patriot and has won the respect of millions in the last 24 hours. Hannity continues to prove what a con man he is. As long as the money’s in, Guy could care less what he has to say!” wrote talk show host Mike Crispi.

“Sean Hannity owes Congresswoman Lauren Boebert an apology,” wrote Amy Kremer, co-founder of Trump for Women.

The House agreed to return on Thursday afternoon.

Newsweek Boebert’s team has been contacted for comment.

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