Let’s See How The Internet Wants The Modern Ford Gran Torino

No one expected Ford Putting the Mustang nameplate on an electric car, at least an SUV! But the Mustang Mach-E is available. And it’s popular. Which if you build it, they will come. While the Mustang is certainly the car that made Ford, there is, of course, another part of Ford’s muscle car history that true fans remember fondly, aside from the Model A. And this is the Ford Gran Torino.

Immortalized on the silver screen in the hit series of the 70s Starsky and Hutchand with the 2008 Hollywood film starring Clint Eastwood, Gran Torino, this Ford is definitely an underrated gem. It had the ingredients of a successful muscle car with a coke bottle body shape and a long hood that properly indicated where the power came from. And where did he go?

To this end, digital artist Bimble Designs presented the Ford Gran Torino as a modern model Car rendering. Call it the lost fourth generation that never was. But it could be. Given where Ford has taken the Mustang nameplate, and for all we know, an all-electric Mustang coupe is coming soon, this restyled Gran Torino could be powered by a modern Coyote V8, or it could be all-electric. With an EV powertrain with enough torque to instantly light up the rear wheels, this Gran Torino continues where the third generation left off – with low-key looks and performance to match.

Here’s what the internet thinks about digital artist Bimble Designs’ take on the modern Ford Gran Torino

People Get the Point of Modern Gran Torino

So what Bimble Designs has done is work on the most striking parts of the visual identity of the 1972/73 and 74 Gran Torino. These are quad headlights with chrome surrounds, an egg-crate grille, a long hood-short deck and, of course, a coke-bottle body shape.

The 1972 Torino went for a coke bottle style like the Camaro, but the 1972 had a sort of fish face. I really like this performance because it has the newly improved 71 style front end. I absolutely love this design, especially the Cobra treatment – vbarbeaux777

The original Gran Torino had its charm, with a front end that made you believe you were looking at a full-size American sedan of the era. You know the type – long straight hood, boxy styling, big chrome bumpers. But then Ford threw the rules out the window when it added flared wheels and a coupe roofline.

Except Clint Eastwood says, “Get off my lawn.” They must love to run with the cat noise of electric chargers – Richard Stypinski

This was the funniest comment we found on our Facebook posts for Gran Torino.

I would buy one! Loved my 1974 Grand Torino great car! – miakoda_rsd_warrior

With its flared hips and generous flanks, this reimagined Gran Torino is instantly recognizable as a direct descendant of the original. Sans the original’s ‘pillared hardtop’ of course. But it seems that the modern muscle car formula also immediately conjures up images of the modern Chevrolet Camaro. Which brings us to our next point.

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Does the future Gran Torino look like a Chevy Camaro?

HotCars | Bimble Designs

Seeing as how popular the Chevrolet Camaro is for adapting the long-bonnet, short-deck muscle car look to a modern car, it’s no secret that most of the reactions to the modern Gran Torino call it just that.

I’m more confused if it’s the Camaro or the rival side 😂 –


This is probably to his credit. Many people think this is an official Ford concept! Someone who respects Chevrolet though. We guess it’s not so hard to see it that way.

It’s much better than camaro – stroup_aeran714

But look at the potential the thoroughly modern Gran Torino brings. Imagine an all-electric Gran Torino coupe, Ford Performance parts are heavily used to bring the upcoming Dodge Charger Daytona SRT competition to life. It can be wild!

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Everyone wants Ford to bring back the Gran Torino

Ford Gran Torino Render Rear Quarter
HotCars | Bimble Designs

This rendering of the iconic Gran Torino certainly brought back memories for many people. Being in production for a few short years compared to something like the Mustang, the Gran Torino gets the short end of the stick. But there are plenty of people who appreciate it for what it is—an underrated muscle car overshadowed by the Mustang. For people with slightly more niche tastes, perhaps.

Cut it any way you want, people want to see a modern Ford Gran Torino. A potential improvement would be to include a more flat hood in the design of the production model to better evoke the lines of the original. Maybe a longer hood than in the rendering. With that and the already modernized elements of the original, Ford just might win.

Whether Ford decides to put a modern Coyote V8 engine in it or go the whole hog with an electric powertrain, it looks like people will appreciate the Gran Torino remake all the same. We just hope Ford is listening!

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