Meet the Life Time 60day Challenge National Winners – Out of the Pandemic, More and More People Pledge to Live Healthy in 2022

Life Time supports people online and at nearly 160 athletic country clubs in the U.S. and anywhere, anytime to help them be their healthiest. Canada

CHANHASSEN, Minn., April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About 13,000 people in the United States and Canada After participating in Life Time’s (NYSE: LTH ) 60-day challenge, they start spring feeling happier and healthier. Four were named national winners by a panel of Life Time coaches – taking home prizes worth approx 5000 dollars.

The Life Time Spring 60day Challenge winners (clockwise from top left): Brooke Simmons (Life Time Folsom, CA), Michael Kulp (Life Time Gainesville, VA) Patrecia Rainey (Life Time Flower Mound, TX) and Jarron Lucas (Life Time) Centerville, VA).

Life Time 60day provides daily support, resources and motivation for anyone who wants to achieve their health goals and live a healthier life. Offered several times each year, the eight-week challenge includes daily workouts, a meal plan, 150+ healthy recipe ideas, in-app accountability messages, weekly challenges for rewards, and access to a team of personal and virtual coaches. .

Prizes for winners include ten personal training sessions from the industry’s most accredited trainers, LT BUCK$ (in-club currency for products and services) and a LifeSpa gift card, partners Hoka ONE ONE prizes and a year’s supply. Products from RxSugar.

Winners of the first 60-day competition in 2022:

  • Michael Kulp (Gainesville, VA) – Kulp joined 60 days to “start treating myself well again” after being overwhelmed by a hectic work schedule. Her success includes losing over 25 pounds and dropping 8.8% body fat by participating in Life Time’s Alpha and GTX Signature Group Training classes. He also religiously followed his workouts and club trips on Life Time Digital, visiting Life Time Gainesville 50 times throughout the program.

  • Jarron Lucas (Centerville, VA) – During the 60 days, one of Lucas’ goals was to record everything he ate and drank for the entire ordeal. “I was really able to eat everything in moderation so I didn’t have to cut anything out.” He also took Alpha classes at Life Time five days a week. She is now 10 pounds less than her goal weight and is excited to continue her healthy habits through 2022.

  • Patricia Rainey (Flower Mound, TX) – Rainey was “reaching her breaking point” as a mother to a teenager and a younger child with an autoimmune disease and the stress of working two jobs. He joined Life Time’s 60-day program and started taking 20-minute walks outside to reduce his stress. Increasing her protein intake and working with personal trainers and taking group studio classes boosted her energy and success.

  • Brooke Simmons (Folsom, California) – Simmons, a mother of two, lost nearly 15 pounds during the challenge, gaining muscle definition and new healthy habits. Simmons was used to putting his health on the backburner, and he wasn’t feeling well. “Motherhood has been a lifelong dream of mine and yet here I was in the thick of it and barely able to get through the day let alone enjoy and participate in a wonderful activity.” In addition to exercise, the key to her success was weekly meal prep.

“People join our 60-day program for the unique, supportive tools and guidance we provide them in person and online to help them achieve their goals – unlike many fads or gimmicks out there. It’s beyond rewarding to see such amazing success happen from the shore. go to the beach,” he said Anika Christ, Life Time’s Senior Director of Nutrition and Weight Loss. “Since 2010, nearly 580,000 Life Time members have lost more than 1 million pounds. But most importantly, whether people’s goals are to gain muscle, eat healthier, lose weight, or reduce stress, get healthier and we help you feel.”

At the end of each Life Time 60 days, participants are invited to submit essays and photos to the contest. Life Time coaches select the best candidates and winners.

The next in-person 60 days starts in September. It can also be requested at any time through Life Time’s digital membership. Life Time also offers a variety of strength and weight loss programs to help people get started and stay on track. For more information about the program, visit

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Life Time (NYSE: LTH) empowers people to live healthy, happy lives through its portfolio of nearly 160 athletic country clubs. United States and Canada. The company’s healthy lifestyle communities approach all aspects of healthy living, healthy aging and healthy fun from 90 days to 90+ years with integrity and respect for everyone. With over 30,000 teams, Life Time is committed to providing the best programs and experiences through clubs, iconic sporting events and a complementary and comprehensive digital platform.

Life Time, Inc.  (PRNewsfoto/Life Time, Inc.)

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