Mother Walsh amassed a $3 million property portfolio her husband was eager to inherit

Mother Walsh had amassed a $2.8 million property portfolio when she disappeared, which her husband’s internet search history showed he was anxious to get his hands on.

Brian Walshe was charged this week with his wife’s murder, and his arraignment in Quincy District Court in Massachusetts revealed Wednesday that he had Googled “how long does one go missing to inherit,” among other damning searches.

Brian says he is not guilty of killing his wife, but there is a lot of evidence against him. While they are said to have amassed a collection of homes and rental properties together, records reviewed by The Post show they are all in his name alone.

Ana, 39, has been linked to eight properties in Washington, Maryland and Massachusetts since 2018 — selling four and owning four at the time of her disappearance — with a current market value of $2.8 million.

Prosecutors allege that Ana Walsh was murdered by her husband Brian.
Instagram / Ana Walshe

Respected property of the Walshes.

Property of the Walsh’s in Lynn, MA.


Cohasset, MA property related to Brian and Ana Walshe.


In addition, with three sons under the age of six from Brian, Ana was the family’s breadwinner and split her time between Washington, D.C., where she was a property manager for real estate giant Tishman Speyer.

Meanwhile, Brian was under house arrest in 2021 after pleading guilty to federal fraud charges for selling fake Andy Warhol paintings on eBay for $80,000. He was also accused by friends of his neurosurgeon father of stealing from his estate after his death, although he maintained that he was the only legal heir to his son’s will.

Ana’s property deals continued until she disappeared. Less than a week before she was reported missing by her employer, Ana closed on December 29th and sold an apartment in Revere, MA, outside of Boston. The space sold for $220,000, a 50% increase from the $137,000 it fetched in 2020.

The tenants of that apartment, Mike and Mandi Silva, previously told The Post that they were rushed out of the property and sold without proper notice after four years of renting.

Estate owned by Ana Walshe in Revere, Massachusetts.
Estate owned by Ana Walshe in Revere, Massachusetts.
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They worked on their property for the couple and said that Ana “wears the trousers in the family” while Brian “passes himself off as an investor” but “will always wear a dressing gown at home”.

In March, the budding real estate mogul sold a million-dollar home he owned in Massachusetts and bought a house in DC for about the same price.

The home she owns in Cohasset, Mass., where she lives with her husband and children, sold for $1.385 million in less than two months on the market. Records show it has five bedrooms and four bathrooms and was purchased in 2020 for $800,000.

Ana then used the new cash flow to buy a DC mansion in the heart of the Chevy Chase neighborhood for $1.3 million. The home has four bedrooms, two full bathrooms, two half bathrooms and a newly remodeled kitchen. Records show she co-owns the home with an investor other than her husband.

Property in Washington owned by Ana Walsh at death.
Property in Washington owned by Ana Walsh at her death.
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Walshe was born in Marblehead, Mass.  sold home in 2020 for $840,100 -- bought it in 2018 for $510,000
Walshe was born in Marblehead, Mass. sold home in 2020 for $840,100 — bought it in 2018 for $510,000
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Walshe also bought a row house in Baltimore in September for $191,500.

In 2020, he made a profit by selling a home in Marblehead, Mass., north of Boston, which he bought in 2018 for $510,000, for $840,100. That $800,000 seemed to go into the Cohasset home he bought for the same price in 2020 and sold last year.

He also owned two investment properties in Lynn, Massachusetts, which he bought in 2018 for $135,000 and $139,900, respectively.

It is unclear what will happen to Brian’s property interests after the death of the mother and the arrest of Brian. Prosecutors painted a chilling portrait of Brian at his trial on Wednesday, explaining how he initially sought to divorce his wife.

“Instead of getting a divorce, Brian Walsh is believed to have dismembered Mother Walsh and disposed of her body,” Assistant District Attorney Lynn Beland charged during the trial.

Baltimore property owned by Ana Walshe.
Baltimore property owned by Ana Walshe.
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The criminal complaint against Brian, released Wednesday, alleges in one count that he “assaulted and beat Mother Walsh with intent to kill such person and by such assault and battery killed and killed such person.”

On Jan. 3, a man in a Volvo matching Brian’s description was seen placing heavy bags of trash in dumpsters at apartment complexes in Brockton and Abington.

When investigators learned of Ana’s disappearance and checked the trash cans in question, Beland explained, the bags had already been moved and destroyed.

Brian Walshe appears in Quincy District Court on charges of murdering his wife Ana Walshe on January 18, 2023 in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA.
Brian Walsh appears in Quincy District Court on charges of murdering his wife Ana Walsh on January 18, 2023 in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The same couldn’t be said, however, for the trash bags Brian’s mother allegedly dumped at an apartment complex in Swampscott, where his phone placed him on January 5th.

Police took the bags to a garbage disposal site in Peabody, north of Boston. In addition to the previously reported bloody carpet, ax and chainsaw, Beland said law enforcement found a towel, slippers, tape and a Tyvek suit that Brian had purchased a few days earlier.

Among the debris was a Prada purse and Hunter boots matching what Ana was said to be wearing when she was last seen. A COVID-19 vaccination card was also found in his name.

Husband Brian Walsh and wife Ana Walsh were photographed together in the kitchen.
Brian and his wife Ana Walshe in happier times.

DNA analysis of the items revealed genetic material from both Ana and Brian in the bloody slippers and Tyvek suit, Beland told the court.

Walsh is also now facing charges of improper transportation of a body in connection with his missing wife. On Wednesday, it was decided to hold him without bail.

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