Ms. Marvel Episode 4 MCU Easter Eggs & References

Ms. Marvel episode 4 takes Kamala Khan away from Jersey, in a story packed with Easter eggs and MCU references. The MCU has dramatically rewritten Ms. Marvel’s dela powers and origin dela, tying her in to the legend of the Djinn and a group of interdimensional exiles known as the Clandestine. Gaining her dela powers dela made Kamala a target, with the Clandestine seeking to use her to tear open the barrier to their home dimension so they can return.

At least, that was meant to be what Kamala thought wanted – and even that Bruno came at the margin of error there was a chance things could go.”boom” if she tried to help them. In Ms. Marvel episode 4, Kamala heads to Karachi, Pakistan, where she learns more of her family history and discovers the stakes are even higher than she thought. The power of the bangle she’s tapping into has the potential to combine Earth with the Noor dimension, destroying our entire plane of existence.


Kamala Khan is a new superhero, and she’s already dealing with a potential world-ending catastrophe – one tied to the very nature of her powers. Ms. Marvel episode 4’s focus is divided between the unfolding mystery and some exciting action scenes, but along the way the episodes finds time to feature a range of Marvel Easter eggs. Here are all the different references in Ms. Marvel episode 4.

Ms. Marvel’s Trip To Karachi Is From The Comics

Ms Marvel Trip To Karachi

Ms. Marvel episode 4 is heavily adapted from the comics, where Kamalala a trip to Karachi at a time when she was feeling rootless and wanted to find herself. There, she stayed with her dela Naani and was made to feel welcome-although she was more than a little embarrassed to realize her grandmother was dialing the spice down to “white people levels.“The story is very different – Ms. Marvel is an Inhuman in the comics, and the trip to Kamala Khan’s grandmother is not connected to any ancient mystery. Still, Ms. Marvel episode 4 successfully captures the rootlessness of Ms. Marvel #12. “In Jersey, I stick out because I’m too Pakistani,” Kamala reflected in the comics.”Here, I stick out because I’m too American.

The Free Ms. marvel comic

Ms Marvel Episode 4 QR Code

Ms. Marvel episode 4 features one particularly amusing Easter egg – a QR code that, once scanned, gives viewers a free downloadable copy of Ms. Marvel #12. This is the comic that inspired much of this episode, so it’s an appropriate reference. moon knight featured similar Marvel QR codes, so presumably they’re going to become a constant.

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 Features Another Ant-Man Easter Egg

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Ant-Man Easter Egg

Still, Kamala learns some things are global; it seems the Avengers are celebrated just as much in Pakistan as they are in Jersey. That’s particular the case with Scott Lang’s Ant-Man, who seems to have become an international celebrity because of the podcasts in which he gave people a blow-by-blow account of the final battle with Thanos in Avengers: Endgame. While visiting Karachi’s train station, Kamala sees a mural celebrating Scott Lang’s Ant-Man with the comment “You can start small and still be larger than life.” The caption pays homage to Adrian Alphona, a celebrated artist in Ms. Marvel comics, while the comment itself seems to be an appropriate one given Kamala’s cousins ‚Äč‚Äčnoted her small size.

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The MCU’s Red Daggers

Ms Marvel Red Dagger

Ms. Marvel episode 4 introduces Kamala to Red Dagger. In the comics, Red Dagger is a vigilante operating in Karachi who crossed paths with Kamala during her visit there. Kareem later took part in a student exchange program, heading to Jersey and joining Kamala’s class-much to her irritation, because her teacher had assumed they might know one another, both being tied to Pakistan. The MCU’s Red Dagger is very different to the comics, adjusted to fit in with Ms. Marvel‘s origin story. It seems this version of Kareen is part of a group trained to counter the Clandestine, which they perceive as a threat to the entire world. The first encounter at the train station may be a nod to Ms. Marvel #23, where Red Dagger and Ms. Marvel teamed up to deal with a runaway train. Kamala is taken back when Red Dagger challenges her, making a throwaway joke – “How do you know I’m not Canadian?” In the real world, Ms. Marvel actress Iman Vellani actually is Canadian.

The Red Daggers Have A Batcave

Ms Marvel Episode 4 Red Dagger Hideout

The Red Daggers essentially have their own version of a Batcave – a secret hideout where they train and plan for their next actions against the Djinn. Curiously, dialogue suggests the Red Daggers have existed for centuries, protecting Earth in secret from the shadows. The Clandestine claimed to have only been exiled to Earth a century ago, so the Red Daggers must have previously been dealing with other Djinn as well.

How The Djinn Fit Into The MCU’s Multiverse

Ms Marvel Noor Dimension Map

The multiverse lies at the heart of the MCU’s Phase 4, but unfortunately it’s being handled in a rather inconsistent manner, with key terms such as “dimensions” defined differently depending on the show. Ms. Marvel‘s “Noor Dimension“is akin to those seen in the first Doctor Strange film, in that it is another plane of existence sitting over the “real” world. Unfortunately, according to Waleed using the bangle has the potential to cause the dimensions to collide – and he believes that would result in Earth’s destruction. It’s interesting to note that, throughout this whole conversation, Waleed carefullys grouping Aisha and the Clandestine together-perhaps hinting Aisha is a different entity from the Noor Dimension, explaining why her great-granddaughter has unusual powers and abilities.

Ms. Marvel Strikes A Power Pose

Ms Marvel Power Pose

The Red Daggers train Ms. Marvel in the use of her powers from her, and Kamala Khan strikes a recognizable power pose from the comics. It’s interesting to note this is the first time she’d struck one of her own poses, rather than imitating those of other superheroes – notably Black Widow in episode 2. Curiously, the weaving purple energy surrounding her body is increasing looking similar to the powers of another comic character – Indra, as seen in X-Men Legacy #234. However, it’s impossible to say whether there’s a connection at this stage.

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Ms. Marvel’s Costume Is Taking Shape

Ms Marvel Fabric

Ms. Marvel episode 4 sees Kamala Khan take another step towards her comic book costume. Bruno has already given her the traditional Ms. Marvel domino mask, and in episode 4 she’s given a garment by Waleed – one he claims has history woven into every thread. While this doesn’t quite give Ms. her marvel her her comic book costume, it nonetheless gives her the distinctive profile and colorscheme from the comics. This is a smart move, symbolically showing Kamala Khan is moving closer to her true identity. Promotional images have confirmed this isn’t anything like the final custom, of course; the last two episodes of Ms. Marvel will continue to see Kamala take shape.

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