New ‘Matter’ Standard Will Drive a New Era for the Internet of Things – Here’s How You Can Capitalize on the Trend

While communicating machines were once considered the stuff of science fiction, today they are an elusive part of reality.

Amazon, Samsung, and Alphabet—among many others—have created smart devices that can control the TV, automatically recalibrate thermostat settings, set recipes for ingredients in the fridge, and even remind owners of their daily tasks. This array of smart features offers a new evolution in the relationship between people and technology, but there are many problems beneath the surface.

Although smart home devices are developing rapidly around the world, they are still far from becoming standard household appliances. One of the biggest obstacles to the growth of smart devices is the lack of interoperability between smart devices. For example, a smart home platform developed by one company is very unlikely to control smart devices developed by other companies. This shortage has left consumers all over the world unhappy.

In response, the Connectivity Standard Alliance (CSA), an international consortium of more than 550 technology companies committed to the Internet of Things (IoT), announced the release of the Matter standard, an industry-wide protocol aimed at making the IoT. interacts with devices.

According to this standard, all smart device devices with “Matter” certification will be able to interoperate. So “Matter” is more than just a protocol – it’s a solution to a big IoT industry problem, backed by some of the biggest names in the sector.

Tuya Smart: Pioneer of the Matter Protocol

Armed with over 647,000 developers, Tuya Smart TUYA (HKEX: 2391) has strategically positioned itself as one of the pioneers of the Matter movement. Founded in 2014, Tuya Smart has become a global IoT development platform service provider, providing smart solutions to over 8,400 customers worldwide.

Working hand-in-hand with CSA, Tuya Smart has introduced a series of solutions for the new Matter protocol, enabling global customers to rapidly transition to Matter compliance. Due to its extensive history and success in the industry, Tuya has a number of competitive advantages over other operators in this field.

Tuya’s Matter “intelligence” solutions, for example, are among the fastest in the world. Tuya’s solutions can take a completely non-smart product line and turn it into a Matter-compliant, high-quality smart portfolio in record time. Even for smart devices that don’t meet the Matter standard, Tuya’s Matter solutions can help connect non-Matter devices with their Matter counterparts, improving communication and interoperability.

Tuya’s experience in IoT is eclectic. The company has created an IoT development platform consisting of three main parts: a manufacturing development platform, an Software development platform, and a cloud development platform, which allows customers to remotely control and manage smart devices. It can create customized platform features that optimize the user experience. Perhaps most importantly, based on the capacity of Tuya’s IoT development platform and Tuya’s Matter solution, it can fully serve operators developing Matter products, including managing all highly technical components of the hardware-to-software transition.

CleanLife “Smartens” LED Lighting with Tuya by Understanding Instant Success

Tuya Smart recently demonstrated the effectiveness of its unique Matter solutions with CleanLife.

CleanLife, a global lighting industry enterprise, partnered with Tuya Smart in late 2021 and became one of the first companies to adopt the Matter protocol. With Tuya Smart as a partner, CleanLife was able to “smarten up” its LED lighting product line by integrating Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology into LED strips, panel lights and lamps.

CleanLife has been an innovator in smart lighting with a mission to “Find a better way” to light the world. With the aim of making traditional lighting obsolete, the company aims to not only save energy, but also clean traditional lighting with LED. The company established its smart lighting division about five years ago and has succeeded in pushing innovation to the limit, which has led to greater value for its customers.

Prior to partnering with Tuya Smart, CleanLife’s product line had been in the LED lighting industry for ten years. The company was able to tap into a new, tech-savvy market using Tuya Smart’s IoT solutions, which helped it quickly develop a high-quality, private-label application for its customers. CleanLife products are now available at major retailers like Lowe’s and digital marketplaces like Amazon.

Following the success of its first products, CleanLife now intends to offer additional smart lighting devices and expand its product portfolio. Its partnership with Tuya Smart was instrumental in its successful expansion into the “smart lighting” market.

As CleanLife CEO Justin Miller said at the Tuya Day event at CES, “Since our partnership with Tuya in 2017, Tuya has continuously supported us with product development and they are always sharing new ideas and opportunities with us. This mutual partnership has been extremely beneficial in helping us become a leader in smart lighting. Now, Matter has added to our brand and products by working with well-known brands that are part of the Alliance through joint interoperability, including Apple Home, Samsung Smart Things, etc. With Tuya’s solution and help, we believe we can easily and quickly convert our plans to Matter compatibility. We expect Matter to accelerate the path to market and enhance the user experience for the entire industry and provide a platform for the 220+ brands in the Alliance to succeed together.”

The Future of IoT

Tuya Smart Matter has established itself as a global leader in the development of certified smart products, but it does not stop there.

Working together with CSA members, Tuya Smart aims to continue to improve the Matter standard in the coming years. The goal is to create a globally recognized standard for all smart home devices and enable the “smartness” of almost any device in the world.

“Since its inception, Tuya has been committed to breaking down the barriers between brands and categories of various smart products and creating a more open and neutral ecosystem for the global smart industry, which is fully in line with Matter’s original purpose. Now, Tuya has provided solutions for Matter and won the hearts of many customers. In the future, Tuya Matter will continue to work with its customers and partners around the world to introduce in more scenarios and markets. We also believe that the connection cycle Smartly everything will be faster with our joint efforts,” said Alex Yang on November 3, 2022 in Amsterdam co-founder and CEO of Tuya Smart at the Matterin Global Media Conference.

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