Meghan Markle feud with US A-lister in wedding dress row: ‘Notorious for holding grudge’ | Royal | news

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped away from royal duties in 2020 and are now forging a new life together in the US with their son Archie, three, and daughter Lilibet, one. The couple now resides in the desirable Californian town of Montecito, Santa Barbara. Located on the state’s Central Coast, the small neighborhood … Read more

Season 4, Episode 8, “Que Sera, Sera”

Tessa Thompson in Westworld photo: John Johnson/HBO We end where it all began. All season long I’ve been positing that Jonathan Nolan, Lisa Joy, and the writers’ room at Westworld were both rebooting and rehashing the thematic and storytelling threads of season one. Visually, we saw this every time “Christina” (Evan Rachel Wood) woke up, … Read more

Westworld’s Season 4 Finale Was Bleak, Brutal, and Beautiful

photo: John P. Johnson/HBO As it had toit came down to Dolores and the Man in Black. Forget Caleb’s rescue. Forget Maeve’s death. Forget Bernard’s nine-million-step plan. Forget humanity, forget the Hosts, forget everything. None of it matters now. Westworld has swept away the old world more thoroughly and efficiently than the Man in Black, … Read more

Strange books to explain a strange nation – The Irish Times

Their Four Hearts Author: Vladimir Sorokin, translated by Max Lawton ISBN-13: 978-1628973969 publisher: Dalkey Archive Press Guideline Price: £12.99 telluria Author: Vladimir Sorokin, translated by Max Lawton ISBN-13: 978-1681376332 publisher: NYRB Classics Guideline Price: £15.99 Russian experiments with modernist literature ended around 1931 when Stalin wrote “idiot!” in the margins of a story by Andrei … Read more

Weekly Horoscopes for the Week of August 15 by the Cut

Artist Hedda Sterne, to Leo. Photo-Illustration: by Preeti Kinha; Photos: Getty Late Friday night, action planet Mars enters mercurial Gemini, making the single-minded pursuit of your goals more difficult than ever. You’ll get distracted in the middle of your work, lose interest in new people quickly, or be tempted to change strategies at the smallest … Read more

‘Listening to the people’: Beth Macy on the opioids crisis and her Dopesick sequel, Raising Lazarus | books

Tawards the end of her new book, Beth Macy swaps journalism for advocacy. It’s a relief, in a sense. Few others are as well versed in America’s contemporary story of opioid dependence and the harm it has wrought. Macy’s previous book, Dopesick, charted the rise of prescription painkillers through the 1990s and early 2000s. It … Read more