Parker McCollum Applauds Internet Troll: ‘I Take It As A Compliment Every Time!’

Parker McCollum recently took a stand against a Twitter user who posted hateful comments towards him and rising country star Bailey Zimmerman.

“@baileyzimmerman and @ParkerMcCollum are terrific country singers. Someone should have said that,” the user wrote.

Rather than taking harsh words to heart, the country star decided to look at this negative situation in a more positive light.

He replied: “If you don’t have anyone talking bad about you on social media, you’re probably not doing much in life. I take it as a compliment every time!”

Numerous fans quickly came to McCollum’s aid in the comments section, proving that internet trolls are no match for all the loyal support around him.

One fan wrote: “I’ve seen you in person and you are one of the few people who are BETTER live! Keep up the great work ~ your fans have your back! 🙌”, and the other said, “Keep being you🙌💕”.

The “Beautiful Heart” singer’s career continues to flourish with every step she takes. As he reacted to the negative comment, McCollum revealed that he is making an effort to change his mindset when it comes to his career. He tries to slow down a little to capture the best moments at every new opportunity that comes his way.

“When I first started selling out shows, even two, 3,000-capacity rooms around Texas, when we were selling them out and it was going really well for us early on,” he said. Today’s Country Radio with Kelleigh Bannen In Apple Music Country. “The high was so great until you wake up the next day and realize that anyone who’s done it at any level is a normal person and then you don’t get on a magic carpet and it’s all good and juicy. “

She continued: “It’s just real life and so I’ve learned to try to enjoy the night on purpose. When you play big shows like the Houston Rodeo and things like that, ‘hey, slow down and appreciate how many healthy, vibrant family members you have here’ and things like that for big things.

One special person who helped McCollum sustain this new outlook on life was his wife, Hallie Ray Light.

“[With] Hallie Ray, my wife, no more dating. I think what’s missing in that early period is just human nature, you want that connection and whatever. And with Hallie Ray, I have that, and so there’s no going back with her anymore. He’s on a permanent high,” he gushed. “I know it sounds corny and deep, but I’ve thought about it a lot. It’s funny you ask and I’ve been with him for years now and we’re as good as ever, no let up.

After saying “I do” on March 28 at Boxwood Manor in Tomball, Texas, the couple is fast approaching their one-year anniversary. Parker McCollum announced the news of his successful proposal to Hallie Ray on July 1, 2021, on social media with a photo of them sitting side by side in matching blue shirts and captioned, “she said yes!”

As they continue to build and strengthen their relationship every day, McCollum is also very focused on getting ready to share his new collection of music with his fans.

Listeners got a taste of what’s to come on the Texas native’s next album with his latest release “Stoned,” fan favorite “Handle On You,” and the recently teased track “Lessons” on social media. From the old man.

The new music will follow Parker McCollum throughout his 2023 tour. He Corey Kent, Catie Offerman, Larry Fleet, Jackson Dean, Flatland Cavalry, and Texas staple, Randy Rogers Band.

Beginning in the spring, the singer/songwriter will also appear as a special guest on Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time World Tour alongside HARDY, Ernest and Bailey Zimmerman.

Parker McCollum is set to perform next on February 2nd at the Palace Theater in Columbus, OH.

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