Pete Davidson’s ‘real’ feelings for Kim Kardashian revealed by body language expert & it’s embarrassing for him

PETE Davidson’s true feelings towards Kim Kardashian can be seen in their body language, and it’s slightly embarrassing for him.

The 28-year-old comic, who’s been dating 41-year-old Kim since first meeting in October, is a “puppy dog” in the reality star’s company, according to his body language.


Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson met when they filmed a sketch on Saturday Night LiveCredit: NBC

Judi James, who previously revealed how “catnip” Pete showed his “magic appeal” in the Hulu trailer for The Kardashians, analyzed the couple’s recent pictures.

The body language expert says Pete’s poses are in stark contrast to ex-husband Kanye West’s “brooding” look – so what does his stance show?

In an exclusive piece for The US Sun, Judi reveals all…

Watching their first scene together during the magic carpet gag on Saturday Night Live, you’d pick these two as an odd couple with contrasting branding and body language.

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Kim was the elegant, immaculate, Sphynx-like beauty using minimum movement for maximum impact.

Meanwhile Pete was the rangy, goofy, eternally teenage punk for whose inelegance was part of the sexual appeal.

His name didn’t even start with a ‘K’, which should have prohibited any relationship with Kim.

But this was the moment when Pete upgraded from magic carpet to red carpet with Kim and emerged as the surrendered male.


Pictured in April at a formal dinner, Pete has 'puppy-dog obedience and delight on his face'


Pictured in April at a formal dinner, Pete has ‘puppy-dog obedience and delight on his face’Credit: Getty Images – Getty

He’s a guy so besotted and in love that he would succumb to the Kardashian branding with nothing more than an expression of puppy-dog obedience and delight on his face.

His hair has been cropped to its unbleached roots and large designer shades conceal those signature ‘insomniac’ eyes.

His goofy, toothy smile has been converted to a wide, gleaming and more sophisticated grin of what looks like besotted appreciation of his goddess girlfriend.

Kim’s eyes talk to the camera but Pete only has eyes for her, almost drooling over her in this cute red carpet pose.


In another snap from the same event, Pete 'stands to attention' behind Kim


In another snap from the same event, Pete ‘stands to attention’ behind KimCredit: Getty Images – Getty
His look of 'utter satisfaction and delight' is a 'total contrast' to Kanye West's 'brooding' poses with his then-wife


His look of ‘utter satisfaction and delight’ is a ‘total contrast’ to Kanye West’s ‘brooding’ poses with his then-wifeCredit: Getty

Kim is returned to the world of shimmering, immaculate elegance here and Pete drops the rangy punk teenager look for something a whole lot more obedient and on-message.

He stands to attention dutifully, again with his eyes hidden behind shades like a poker player and a lip-clamped smile of utter satisfaction and delight.

Pete’s ‘besotted teen’ body language is in total contrast to Kanye’s brooding, sullen, unsmiling look when he was posing with Kim.


Pete is 'protective' while the couple is 'lacking tension or drama' in a pic shared on Kim's Instagram


Pete is ‘protective’ while the couple is ‘lacking tension or drama’ in a pic shared on Kim’s InstagramCredit: Instagram

Kim oozes sophistication while Pete walks ahead in protective mode.

His hand is on top in the clasp, which will normally signal he is the one in the lead.

Their matching relaxed fingers signal a lack of tension or drama between the happy couple.


Pete's 'clamped lips' at the Met Gala in May signal his eagerness to please


Pete’s ‘clamped lips’ at the Met Gala in May signal his eagerness to pleaseCredit: Getty

The man whose signature smile normally involves a display of a full set of upper and lower teeth is now keeping his lips clamped in his smile.

He seems to be on his best behavior with Kim and these more tempered and well-behaved PDAs suggest his strength of feeling for her and desire to do things right to please her.

His facial features soften as he looks down at her, forming the classic ‘look of love’.

Her look in reply is more knowing and adult, but still with a strong tinge of affection.


In another pic from April, Pete shows signs of 'Kardashian branding'


In another pic from April, Pete shows signs of ‘Kardashian branding’Credit: Getty Images – Getty

Pete’s eye reveal here shows more clues of Kardashian branding.

His brows look as neat as his haircut and his forehead is totally unlined.

The couple even adopted mirrored poses, suggesting a desire to look like a matching, like-minded pair.


Pictured in London in May, the couple have a 'strong desire' to be seen as 'two peas in a pod'


Pictured in London in May, the couple have a ‘strong desire’ to be seen as ‘two peas in a pod’Credit: Splash

The mirrored, ‘two peas in a pod’ look is rampant here, with matching bleached hair and matching body language.

This type of mirroring shows a strong desire to be seen as one person or a totally matching pair.

When we try to look like our partner it shows a desire to create the strongest of bonds by emphasizing similarities rather than celebrating differences.

Physically they huddle together, suggesting they see each other as protection from the world, and that double hand-clasp with her hand on his arm signals a desire for ownership and protection.


Pete's 'cat-like grin' provides an ego-boost to Kim, unlike her 'off-hand' previous partners, Judi says


Pete’s ‘cat-like grin’ provides an ego-boost to Kim, unlike her ‘off-hand’ previous partners, Judi saysCredit: Instagram
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Kim performs a selfie pout here while Pete just grins like the cat that got the cream.

Body language like this suggests Pete could be the perfect, flattering, ego-boosting counter-point to any more off-hand or troubled previous partners.

Shooting at an angle from above their heads with this head closeness suggests trust and a desire to show off the sexy, flirty side of their relationship.

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