‘Pleasure Captain’ asks Airbnb to help pay for damages caused by 11 men having sex

Filet Mignon (@thatbanana.s.hadit/Instagram)

A non-binary queer person experienced viral humiliation and condemnation after visiting Chicago last weekend.

Filet Mignon (aka @thatbanana.s.hadit Instagram), tweeted to her followers about a trip to the Windy City for work.

They hosted a music festival called Sanctum last weekend. Filet said Queerty, “I work in political advocacy, but in my spare time I’m a Party Mom and Cheer Captain.”

What happened next is best explained in Philetus’ own words.

“Dear Community, As many of you know, last weekend I was a guest at @sanctumchicago. The event organizer let me stay at the Airbnb, but after the festival was over, I begged the Airbnb owner who lives below the unit to stay 2 more nights and he obliged.”

“What happened over the next 40 hours was a sex-bender so foul and brazen it would make the devil himself blush (he was there). I fell off the dining table and was plowed into my expensive rug by my sex machine.

“Though I thought I was taking the necessary precautions to protect property, I was actually saturating every conductive surface with coconut oil, silicone lube, and 17 loads from 11 different men.”

“I extend my hand in moments of need. I went to Chicago, partied like a rock star, trashed my Airbnb, and can’t pay the debt. Anyone who can do 100 will get a dirty jockstrap from this event because I haven’t done my laundry.”

“I’ve added some of my favorite photos from the weekend and a sample of the 19 photos my Airbnb host sent me of my damage. If you agree with me, supporting my work would be a great way to show your appreciation.”

Filet includes ways to donate money. The Airbnb host estimated the damage in the area at $500, but offered to settle for about $300.

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Gay Twitter reacts

Before long, the post was screenshotted and shared hundreds of times. And many were not impressed.

“Disgusting, diabolical behavior. I’m really horrified and I’m gay, I can only imagine a straight person reading this,” said one person who retweeted the post.

“There’s a reason people hate us…” said another.

“I hope they charge you interest,” someone wrote on Instagram. “It’s beyond disgusting, it’s a trespass on someone else’s property and it gives our community a bad name.”

Some suggested that Filet Mignon donate the $350 they raised to community causes.

Several people defended Filet, saying they behaved the same way in hotel rooms. Some friends came to their defense.

Filet’s original Instagram post was deleted because it was a very risque video. They reposted without that clip.

Taking responsibility

After a few days of savagery on Twitter, Filet Mignon posted a video on Instagram today saying, “This is what Accountability looks like.”

“I guess I’m really upset with some of you. I want to take responsibility and clear up some misconceptions,” they began. “First of all, I’m sorry,” they continued, looking seriously into the camera.

“I am very sorry that I was funny and that the joke went over your head to cause you to embarrass and defame me and really expose yourselves as self-righteous, jealous hypocrites.”

They continued: “I’m so sorry for my uninhibited, rampant, juicy, satisfying sex life. If you don’t have that, you can’t understand how these stains end up all over the bedding at Airbnb.”

They said they have already given back to the community in many ways, as those who know them know well.

“This post is not intended for you. It was a joke. It was aimed at my friends and people who wanted to fuck me.

People write about their sexual abuse on OnlyFans all the time and get paid for it, Filet said. In comparison, Filet only asked for voluntary donations.

They concluded by saying they raised their goal to $1,000.

contacted with QueertyFilet said they have no major regrets about their Airbnb stay.

“I was surprised by the amount of negative feedback and warm reception to my Airbnb story. I expected it to get mixed reviews, but twitter gays aren’t very good with nuance, and really let me.

“People who really know me and many who don’t know it was a joke and have been exceptionally supportive. I’m an ugly, irreverent, sexually liberated queer, and I seem to live in that bubble.

“I had a blast, didn’t hurt anyone, stained a few textiles and told my friends about it. I have no meaningful regrets. People shouldn’t take it so seriously. Have fun.”

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