Pride Month 2022: LGBTQ+ horror, thriller, and romance books to read this month

Nothing compares to reading a good book to wind down after a long day. Pack a book in your bag for commutes, keep them handy for boring events, or use them as coffee table displays. Books are great to keep around, they’re also fun to read.

June is Pride Month and on top of celebrating love and acceptance, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite LGBTQ+ books. Take a look at our top pics from romance, horror, and thriller below:


Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur |  amazon

Hang the Moon by Alexandria Bellefleur | amazon

  1. read Written in the Stars before reading this book. Hang the Moon, written by Alexandria Bellefleur, follows a dating app creator who’s convinced “the one” isn’t out there. Get the paperback book for $12.53 or the Kindle version for $10.99
  2. Checking it Twice, written by Lucy Bexley, is a festive LGBTQ+ romance novel that begins with a wedding and a high-school crush. Get it FREE on Kindle or $12.99 on paperback.
  3. Ashley Herring’s Delilah Green Doesn’t Care follows another hometown wedding. The protagonist is a photographer who agrees to shoot her step-sister’s wedding but finds an old nemesis along the way. It’s FREE on Audiobook and is $9.99 on Kindle.
  4. read I Wish You All The Best by Mason Deaver if you’re in the mood to cry. It follows a nonbinary 18-year-old who was kicked out of their parent’s house. They befriend a popular high school student but the friendship turns into something more. Get it for $9.50 in paperback and $10.99 on Kindle.
  5. The Henna Wars, written by Adiba Jaigirdar, is about a woman who recently comes out but finds herself pretending to be straight for her family. It’s become difficult to hold it in as she finds herself having a crush after reuniting with her childhood best friend. Find it on Kindle for $9.99 or $16.41 on the hardcover.


Ace of Spades by Faridah Abike- Iyimide |  amazon

Ace of Spades by Faridah Abike- Iyimide | amazon

  1. Faridah ÀbÍké-Íyímídé’s Ace of Spades has secrets that the two protagonists would like to stay buried. When an anonymous texter starts exposing secrets, they two must work together to find the account. The hardcover is $14.36 and $10.99 on Kindle.
  2. read The Friend Scheme by Cale Dietrich. This book follows a father who wants his son to take over the family business full of crime but the son wants nothing to do with it. He meets another boy whose life is filled with dark secrets of his own. Hardcover is $12.49 and $2.99 ​​on Kindle.
  3. The City Beautiful by Aden Plydoros is in a 19th-century classic setting. It follows a Jewish teen who dreams of helping her family get out of Romania but something sinister is holding them back. Get it for $17.99 on hardcover and $9.99 on Kindle.
  4. Eve Gleichman’s and Laura Blackett’s thriller book The Very Nice Box is a satirical thriller filled with laughs and chills. It follows a worker from a furniture company who is infuriated with her new boss. Get it for $13.57 on hardcover and $12.99 on Kindle.
  5. Read Lakewood by Megan Giddings. The book is about Lena Johnson who would do anything to earn extra money to support her family and join a research program. The program is built from dark secrets but as Lena unravels the darkness, she must either choose to support her family dela or herself. Get it FREE on Audiobook or for $12.99 on Kindle.


White Is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi |  amazon

White Is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi | amazon

  1. White Is For Watching by Helen Oyeyemi follows a family haunted by the loss of a member. Their daughter is convinced that she can see spirits. Get it on Kindle for $12.99 and $14.58 on the hardcover.
  2. Ryan Livingston’s The Taking of Jake Livingston is a great horror book. Meet Jake, a black and gay person who feels like an outsider in his all-white school. He can see the vengeful ghost of a school shooter who threatens to possess him. Get it for $7.99 on Kindle or $12.80 on the hardcover
  3. read Out of Salem by Hal Scherieve. It’s about a car crash that killed an entire family but a genderqueer teen wakes up alive. They’re now a zombie and is the only person who understands their werewolf classmate. It’s FREE on Audiobook and $11.99 on Kindle.
  4. The Dead and The Dark by Courtney Gould follows a protagonist who moves with her father for a ghost hunting series. In the small town, teenagers start to disappear and a few are dead. Check it out on Kindle for $10.99 or for FREE on Audiobook.
  5. Kali Wallace’s Dead Space follows Hester Marley. She takes a low-level security job for a mining company but gets a phone call to investigate the paranormal tragedy of her close friend. Get it on Kindle for $9.99 or FREE on audiobook.

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