“Pure Vegetable Labels Are Dangerous and Non-Inclusive”: Tweet Sparks Debate

The tweet was aggressively discussed on the platform. (representative)

New Delhi:

A Twitter user has divided the internet when he said that ‘clean veg’ signs at restaurants are ‘offensive’ and ‘non-inclusive’. The user tweeted: “All these ‘clean veg’ signs at food outlets are offensive and non-inclusive. To implicitly imply that other food choices are ‘unclean’ and to legitimize discrimination against people with different preferences”.

The tweet gained traction on the platform and caused a number of different reactions. Some suggested that the Twitter user misinterpreted the sign’s meaning and that there was nothing problematic.

“Vegetable people eat vegetables comfortably. So what’s the point? The same ban is not imposed on non-vegetarians. It’s just an extra comfort zone for people who prefer vegetables,” the user wrote.

“So it would be more inclusive if the restaurant didn’t advertise, refused to serve non-veg items? Then you will say that the signs announcing men’s and women’s toilets should also be removed, discrimination against each other?! a comment read.

Several users tried to explain the meaning of the word “clean vegetable”. “Pure butter doesn’t mean the other ingredients are impure. This means that there is no fraud. Pure veg means it is made in a non-veg kitchen,” one person wrote.

Another person said: “I have always thought of the signs of pure veg restaurants to tell vegetarians that they can safely eat here without worrying about what and how it is prepared and to tell non-vegetarians that we do not serve non-veg. Therefore, look for another restaurant and save your time.”

“It feels like protesting with a blank placard. Pure vegetables belong to Vegetarian food, that’s all. Clean means no fat, grease, or other invisible meat products mixed in. It’s still wrong to discriminate on the basis of creed/caste, but it’s just Indian English,” the comment read.

Another user chimed in and said: “I understand your point. However, technically “Pure Vegetable” does not mean that all other foods are impure. That term would be “Pure Food”.

“It’s better to show in advance than to have everyone come and ask..and how is non-vegetarian food an option. Eating vegetarian and running only vegetarian restaurants is also a personal choice..you can’t deny that,” the user wrote.

Well, what are your thoughts on this?

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