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In 2022, readers discovered a variety of interests, from how to buy a bitcoin ATM to how to manage ATM security and other topics.

In 2022, readers discovered a variety of interests, from how to buy a bitcoin ATM to how to manage ATM security and other topics.

As part of our annual tradition, we wanted to highlight the ATM Marketplace articles that readers find most helpful. Here are the five most read articles of 2022.

5. Buying a Bitcoin ATM: Insider Advice

New York ATM General Manager Jon Weilbaker knows ATMs. He knows what works for his clients and what doesn’t. But as the pandemic hit and sales and service of ATMs came to a near standstill, as the general manager of a New York ATM, Weilbaker began exploring different ideas to keep his business afloat. That research led him in a new direction: bitcoin ATMs.

“I am interested [bitcoin ATM] business and met several big players at the ATMIA conference in Houston last February. After the pandemic hit hard in March and April, none of my clients were buying new stores and no one wanted to talk to ATMs, so I started looking into bitcoin ATMs. Plus, I hate walking into a store and seeing someone else’s Bitcoin ATM next to my cash ATM. I want to be the person who oversees all the cash products for all my clients,” Weilbaker said.

Weilbaker began research to determine what bitcoin ATMs cover in the cash ATM payment system. After much research, Weilbaker bought bitcoin ATMs and hoped the gamble would pay off as the pandemic continued to sweep the country. Apparently there is.

4. It’s time to rethink how we manage the value of cash

According to global research firm McKinsey & Company, the cost of cash, which accounts for 5-10% of a bank’s total operating costs, is rising despite the decline in cash usage. “It’s time to rethink how we manage the value of cash,” said Chris Chandler, CEO of Toronto-based Access Cash General Partnership.

3. ATMs facilitate travel with currency exchange tools

In the era of COVID-19, travel has become more difficult than ever. There’s a lot to deal with, with COVID-19 tests, screenings, masking and travel restrictions.

With all these problems, customers do not need to deal with other problems like finding a place to exchange their currency into foreign currency. Currency exchange company Travelex aims to make travel easier for customers through currency exchange ATMs. With these devices, customers can withdraw multiple currencies using their bank cards.

The company recently opened two locations at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport that offer more self-service and contactless solutions, allowing customers to get the help they need without necessarily having to interact with an employee.

2. Study of future banking trends

Banking is currently undergoing a period of evolution as banks must adapt to new realities from both the pandemic and changing customer expectations. As a result, banks have had to seriously review their entire strategy, such as how to use their branches, whether to use ATMs or ATMs, and how to meet customer expectations for transaction speed.

While it seems uncertain where banking is headed, we can make predictions based on what happened in banking last year.

ATM Marketplace spoke with Sue Laws, EVP of operations, Americas, banking software company Temenos, to get her predictions on where banks are headed in the next few years.

1. What are the biggest problems with ATM security?

A quick Google search will reveal many articles about thieves breaking into or stealing ATMs in locations ranging from bank exterior walls to shopping malls. Using a variety of tools from trucks to construction equipment, criminals rip open ATMs and then access the cash inside.

However, physical threats are not the only security concerns for ATMs. Outdated core standards and card cancellations are also major challenges in the ATM industry. Let’s take a closer look at some of these security issues and what causes them.

Bradley Cooper is the editor of ATM Marketplace and was formerly the editor of Digital Signage Today. His background is in information technology, advertising and writing.

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