She-Hulk Joins the Spider-Verse with Amazing New Costume

In a variant cover for She-Hulk #4, artist Chrissie Zullo gives the fan-favorite lawyer a Spider-Verse makeover with an incredible new costume.

Warning: Contains Some Spoilers for She-Hulk #3

It looks like She-Hulk is joining the Spider-Verse in an upcoming variant cover, and she has an amazing new costume to commemorate the occasion. She-Hulk’s rise in popularity comes at the same time as another popular hero’s big 60th anniversary: ​​Spider-Man. To get in on the festivities, Marvel has debuted numerous variant covers with popular heroes being part of the Spider-Verse, including one featuring the Hulk. The latest issue of She-Hulk though features an interesting connection to the current cover trend.

She-Hulk #3 by Rainbow Rowell and Rogê Antônio focuses on She-Hulk’s return to civilian life as Jennifer Walters. However, things seem to have changed when a former friend, Jack of Hearts, returns with most of his lost memories. While Jack of Heart was a victim of Scarlet Witch, he’s returned in She-Hulk. In one moment between the two, Jennifer and Jack have a heart-to-heart talk over pizza. Curious to know how he attained his powers; she asks Jack what his “deal” is. Confused by the question, she elaborates with a couple of popular Marvel origins, including her own dela, to hint that she’s curious about his origin story. What’s interesting though is that before mentioning the radioactive blood transfusion that turned her into She-Hulk, she brings up a “radioactive spider bite.” She-Hulk isn’t unfamiliar with radioactive spiders, and that shows in the latest variant cover for the upcoming issue of She-Hulk.


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Chrissie Zullo, a cover artist for Marvel and other independent creations, showcased her latest work on twitter for She-Hulk #4. In a fantastic crossover with Spider-Man for his 60th anniversary, the artwork depicts She-Hulk with spider powers in a new Spider-Verse-influenced suit. It’s purple and white to match her iconic color scheme that matches her green look, but it’s decked out in web designs and her own spider logo. Plus, she’s wearing a bandana as a mask to give herself the evocative spider look from her while still showing off her fabulous hair from her that’s become so well-known for the character. This costume design is a perfect blend of spider powers and She-Hulk because it gives her a unique new costume while not sacrificing who she is.

While this new outfit for She-Hulk will not appear in the current comic since it’s just a variant cover, it opens the window to what a possible Spider-Verse Jennifer Walters could be. She likely would not be giving up the signature She-Hulk charm that has won over fans for decades since her debut in the 1980s. In fact, what makes her so likable would probably be amplified because she’d gain the wit and humor that Spider-Man has had for years because he’s such a carefree character. Swinging through the streets of New York gives a new viewpoint on life, and having this ability would allow She-Hulk to attain an even broader adoration for the world around her than she already has. She’s known to have a sense of humor, so she would fit perfectly within the Spider-Verse.

She-Hulk #4 is expected to hit comic store shelves on June 29th, 2022. This gives comic fans plenty of time to put their pre-orders in and get this incredible work of art. She-Hulk was made to be a part of the Spider-Verseand artist Chrissie Zullo has done an amazing job with not just giving the crossover that fans have been wanting but also delivering an amazing new costume to match.

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Look for She-Hulk #4 in stores on June 29th!

Source: Chrissie Zullo

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