Starlink is coming to Haiti

Resscop & Delaporte, Inc. announced that Starlink is coming to Haiti to serve rural and underserved communities with high-speed internet. The company said that SpaceX/Starlink is officially registered in Haiti as “Starlink Haiti SA” and has received homologation permission to operate freely in Haiti “according to the specified registered Ku-Band and required frequencies”.

Resscop & Delaporte gave special thanks to supporters who helped Starlink bring wireless broadband to Haiti. The company said that the Jonatel team worked tirelessly to make this happen.

The company released the following statement:

β€œIn today’s world, the need for complex infrastructure is not the best economic advantage for underserved countries. The need to provide cost-effective Internet access in rural areas has never been more pressing, especially for areas beyond the reach of terrestrial technologies. “Starlink has an active fleet of satellites orbiting the planet and providing consumer-based services.”

“Starlink has the capacity and means to support infrastructure in broadband internet service programs to the country, which in turn will attract services to better support education, health, business development, job creation, agriculture, attracting international businesses, trade nearby. development companies and foreign direct investment.

“Starlink’s services can further support enterprise, government and complement existing terrestrial telecommunications providers. Starlink is perfectly suited to support resilience, redundancy and rapid response communications needs during disasters. Starlink sees the creation of the Digital Acceleration program as extremely important to Haiti’s underserved communities. Using a reliable broadband satellite like the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Starlink system can help make affordable broadband a reality for Haiti.”

“Starlink’s services will give Haiti a unique opportunity to leap into the 21st century.”

“Starlink can help meet Haiti’s connectivity goals, reduce the infrastructure investment required to connect every last mile, and provide connectivity that complements the service areas of traditional internet providers.”

“Haiti’s most powerful asset is its people. People living in rural Haiti today do not have easy access to the Internet. With Starlink services, people will be able to get reliable internet services. They will be able to access remote jobs online, support call centers around the world, and access vocational school programs right from their homes. They will be able to participate in innovative development programs that will develop learning opportunities to support the country’s economic development. These services will contribute to the development of Haiti’s economy and GDP.”

“Haiti’s future development rests in the hands of those empowered to support its ecosystem.”

“Together, let’s make a difference. The Starlink system can be purchased either directly from the Starlink website or through any approved, authorized dealer of the regulator (Jonatel).”

SpaceX is currently accepting donations of Starlink terminals for several categories, including education and humanitarian efforts. Donors can donate to a Starlink cause or donate by choosing an organization and placing an order.

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Starlink is coming to Haiti

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