What I Buy and Why: Ed Cross on Collecting African Artists Before the Market Boom, and the £20,000 Jadé Fadojutimi Work He Passed Up

Ed Cross has been championing the work of African and African diaspora artists since he founded his eponymous gallery 13 years ago. A former artist himself, he has also long been a collector—though he started out with a considerably more modest budget than he has now. In May, Cross opened the gallery’s first permanent space … Read more

Nervous About Buying Art Online? You Can Rent It Instead. Here’s What It Costs and How It Works

One of the biggest hurdles galleries have had to overcome when selling work online is collectors’ hesitance to part with large sums of cash before seeing a work IRL. Even in person, buyers can usually only guess at how an artwork might look on their wall. Mio Asatani experienced this problem first hand when, moving … Read more

Modern Art and the Esteem Machine

Eliminating the modern-art tariff made it much more feasible for American galleries to exhibit and sell contemporary European painting. Most of the works in Stieglitz’s Picasso show at 291, for example, were drawings, because they were assessed at a lower value than paintings. It was too expensive to bring paintings over from Europe. Quinn wasn’t … Read more