Yiyun Li’s Latest Reveals The Reader’s Writer

Each day since Covid-19 forced Americans indoors, the writers Yiyun Li and Edmund White have booted up Skype at five o’clock in the evening to engage in a two-person book club. White, whom Li calls “a very good performer,” reads passages of the books aloud, and the two compare their marginalia, often finding that they … Read more

Alameda athlete Yazolino discusses struggles in new book

By any measure, Alameda athlete Paul Yazolino has enjoyed an absolutely remarkable multisport career with highlights that include a silver medal at the 1967 National Powerlifting Championships, a 1979 Mr. USA Masters Bodybuilding title and a first-place finish in the 500-meter competition at the 1996 World Masters Sprint Cycling Championships. Paul Yazolino appears after a … Read more

5 new, upcoming book releases from Lexington, KY authors

Lexington author Shawn Pryor’s latest book, The Gamer: Bandit Battle, will hit shelves next month. Here’s what other authors with ties to Lexington are publishing. Provided by Shawn Pryor In this unbearable heat, being outside is not ideal. We suggest you stay in the air condition, pour a glass of lemonade and cozy up to … Read more

Why Writing a Book is a Better Use of Your Time Than Yet Another “Invisible” Facebook Post

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur contributors are their own. I was an early adopter of Facebook; I signed up in November 2005 when an .edu address was required for an account. To say Facebook has exploded since then is an understatement. But things have changed dramatically, and now Facebook business pages, groups and personal profiles are … Read more

You Need to Do This Before You Write Your Book

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur contributors are their own. Not to state the obvious, but there’s one thing your book needs above all else in order to be successful: readers. And yet even though this is exceedingly obvious, the biggest mistake many first-time authorpreneurs make is that they allow their passion for a topic to blind … Read more

5 Strategies to Writing a Book That Will Build Authority

Opinions expressed by entrepreneur contributors are their own. There are many ways to build your authority, including writing books, giving speeches, hosting events and establishing a personal brand. It’s easy to get sucked into the trap of creating content, only to realize it may never find the right audience. While you should still aim to … Read more