The late David Blackwood’s paintings brought a sense of mythos to his native Newfoundland

David Blackwood in his studio, circa 1983.John de Visser/Courtesy of The Rooms Combining etching, aquatint and sometimes drypoint, David Blackwood’s prints of Newfoundland life in the early 20th century are memories pulled from dreams of a half-forgotten place. A place where sailing ships are dwarfed by towering walls of ice burst into flame, where shadowy … Read more

season 1 episode 5, “Time And Again”

Ms. Marvelscreenshot: Disney+ “What you seek is seeking you.” If there was a mantra to “Time And Again,” the penultimate episode of Ms. Marvel, it was this line, first said by Hasan (Fawad Khan) to Aisha (Mehwish Hayat). This outing is all about seeking and finding, whether that entails Aisha discovering love and a home … Read more

A Review Of Jim Archer’s Brian And Charles

(left to right) David Earl stars as Brian and Chris Hayward stars as Charles in director Jim Archer’s Brian And Focus Features Mockumentary filmmaking and outlandish high concepts are a match made in budget-conscious heaven, taking ideas that might be too weird or outlandish for producers to risk funding and presenting them in a … Read more

Sci-Fi Comedy Brian and Charles: Director and Stars Interview

Image: Focus Features The world can be a dark and awful place. But as Brian and Charles so delightfully explores, the power of friendship can perform miracles, even when that friendship gets stormy at times—and even when that friendship is between a lonely inventor and the awkwardly bulky robot he crafts from random parts. io9 … Read more