Kenzo channels preppy, Celine goes for razzmatazz in Paris

PARIS (AP) — Kenzo’s designer, Nigo, found his groove for his sophomore collection at the LVMH-owned house, drawing vibrant parallels with house founder Kenzo Takada. Nigo has made history as the first Japanese designer to front the house since Takada, who died in 2020. But beyond the fashion, Nigo — who has made high profile … Read more

Who’s the richest Presley? Elvis and family’s net worths, ranked: from Priscilla’s Graceland millions and Lisa-Marie’s tax debts, to Caitlyn Jenner’s ex Linda Thompson and final fiancée Ginger Alden

During the peak of her fame, she starred in the iconic Dallas TV series and the The Naked Gun franchise. Elvis and Priscilla Presley cut their wedding cake after exchanging nuptials in this 1967. Photo: AP Priscilla also founded Elvis Presley Enterprises in 1979 and served as its chairwoman and president for years, raking in … Read more

Manufacturers struggle to keep pace with vinyl record demand

The arrival of the compact disc nearly killed off record albums, with vinyl pressing machines sold, scrapped and dismantled by major record labels. Four decades later, with resuscitated record album sales producing double-digit annual growth, manufacturers are rapidly rebuilding an industry to keep pace with sales that reached $1 billion last year. Dozens of record-pressing … Read more

You’re not crazy, wine pours at restaurants are shrinking

When international investor Brian Hogan took an important client to a favorite Midtown restaurant last month, he hoped to impress him. His guest ordered a Chablis by the glass rather than the bottle, and the sommelier poured it with due deference. But, when the usually mild-mannered client looked down at his glass, he was shocked … Read more

Daily Harvest fans claim lentil crumble sent them to the ER

Smoothies are supposed to be a healthy meal replacement, but some who drink Daily Harvest claim they’re getting just the opposite. The customizable, direct-to-consumer smoothie company has issued a recall of their plant-based, protein-packed “Crumbles” made of leeks and lentils after several customers reported abdominal discomfort, allegedly leading to ER visits and even a gallbladder … Read more

Why Kellogg is turning its back on Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops

Kellogg announced Tuesday that it is splitting into three separate companies, spinning off its US, Canadian and Caribbean cereal businesses into one group and its plant-based food businesses, including Morningstar Farms, into another. The remaining, largest business includes Kellogg’s global snacking products, such as Pringles, Cheez-It and Pop-Tarts, as well as international cereals and noodles … Read more

Snap, crackle, pop: Kellogg to split into 3 companies

Kellogg Co., the 116-year-old maker of Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Pringles and Eggo, will split into three companies focused on cereals, snacks and plant-based foods. Kellogg’s, which also owns plant-based food brand MorningStar Farms, said Tuesday that the spinoff of the yet-to-be-named cereal and plant-based foods companies should be completed by the end of next … Read more

For K-pop supergroup BTS, questions remain about its future

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The surprise announcement by BTS last week that they were taking a break to focus on members’ solo projects stunned their global fanbase, shaking their label’s stock price and leaving many questions about the K-pop supergroup’s future. HYBE, the company behind the band, denied the group was taking a hiatus … Read more

The Day – The crooks and the cooking oil: inside the world of grease thefts from restaurants

For those not saturated in the multimillion-dollar world of used cooking oil thefts from restaurants, such acts of larceny may seem perplexing. Grease grabbers in recent years have felt police on a 50-mile chase, claimed to be working on behalf of “Russian bosses” in New York City, and been arrested in connection with cooking oil … Read more

Ezra Miller scandals put pressure on Warner Bros to address grooming claims

It’s time for Warner Bros. Discovery to talk about Ezra Miller, according to crisis management experts. The actor, who portrays superhero The Flash in the studio’s DC Extended Universe, including in an upcoming big-budget film, has come under scrutiny in recent months for a pattern of disturbing behavior and allegations of misconduct. Miller, 29, made … Read more